5 Good Reasons To Choose A DAC!

5 Good Reasons To Choose A DAC!



With the democratization of HD audio formats, the arrival of dematerialized music, listening platforms or the cloud, the DAC Audio has found a lot more than fertile!

For these reasons and many more that we will develop further, DACs have become essential to make the most of your digital music library, but also of your online listening services. We will not make you an affront to explain the function of a DAC once again … Thus, we will approach the subject from another angle, in order to answer the question that comes up the most: “why choose a DAC”.

1. Exploit the potential of HD digital audio files.

MP3s are everywhere, but the compression process used for this codec is so destructive, that many audiophiles have turned to other more qualitative formats. The purpose of these HD formats is to obtain a file that is as faithful as possible to the original recording. Thus, Flac, WAV or lossless files have attracted a wide audience, often passionate, anxious to consume music with respect and fidelity to the work. To fully exploit the quality of these HD files, a DAC converter is essential. To get more information about the best DAC AMP Combo, you can visit at https://prizedreviews.com/best-dac-amp-combo/.

2. Take full advantage of online listening services.

And yes, online listening services are flourishing at a fast pace, and it would be a shame not to exploit the quality of some platforms, Qobuz in mind. With its albums recorded in Wav or Flac, the dynamic society has seduced music lovers wishing to live in harmony with their time. It would be a shame to restrict the audio performance of these files, by passing them through a conversion interface that would only degrade.

3. Bypass the built-in converter on a CD player.

DACs, you necessarily have at home. Here, take your CD player: to convert the digital information recorded on a disc, your turntable uses a built-in DAC. This DAC is one of the main elements that define the sound of your CD player. So when you give special importance to your drives, and your deck shows its limitations, buying an external DAC is highly recommended. According to the source, this DAC will have the function of bypassing the integrated converter, if your reader has a digital output (Optical, Coaxial …).

4. Improve the audio quality of a computer (or a music platform).

The situation is the same for a computer or a music platform: integrated converters often show their limits when listening to uncompressed or lossless music. Thus, a simple external DAC converter can simply transform the sound of your computer, ensuring a more qualitative conversion of the digital stream. Generally, your Mac and your PC do not have Coaxial or Optical outputs: therefore, it will be necessary to opt for a DAC with a USB input.

Over-sampling, native resolution, and connectivity.

But not all DACs are identical: some models feature more advanced converters than others. So you will sometimes find rather interesting specifics, such as an over-sampling (The Flux 44. 1khz/16bits is for example re-sampled in 96kHz/24bits), or a higher native resolution (for example, 192 kHz instead of 96 kHz…). Connectivity also counts for a lot. From there, it will be necessary to choose its DAC according to the desired use. For a computer, a USB input is almost mandatory. For a CD player, NAS, or amp, opt for a DAC with an Optical or Coaxial input.

From a general point of view, a DAC converter tends to raise the sound quality of a device by ensuring a more accurate conversion of the digital stream. Listening, this results in improved timbres, dynamics, precision, and volume of the soundstage. So many contributions that will delight audiophiles, and seduce lovers of beautiful sounds!

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