5 Reasons Why Python Is on Every Millennial’s To-Do List

5 Reasons Why Python Is on Every Millennial’s To-Do List

A lot has happened in the last couple of years. We’ve seen countries on the brink of war, climate change like never before; artificial intelligence expands in an unprecedented manner and more. One of the things that have shaken the world entirely is Python beating JAVA in the race of the world’s most popular programming language.

You heard that correct. According to a recent IEEE research, It stands as the world’s most popular language today. It has left behind once everyone’s favourite JAVA Script, C, C++, R and of course, JAVA.

Another research suggested that Python’s share of questions on the interactive programming platform Stack Overflow has surpassed that of JAVA Script. It is an all-time high to 11.3 percent as compared to the latter’s 10.2 percent.

As time passes by, multiple kinds of research have cleared up one thing for sure. It is here to stay and change the world in ways we haven’t imagined by now. Be it technology giants or consumer-based companies, everyone if leveraging Python due to its dynamic nature.

Even the Millennials are drawn towards It. They are jumping right in to study the on-demand language Python. But it’s not just the popularity of the programming language that has drawn millennials towards it. Often termed as the free-spirited group, whose behavioural patterns are even leaving the experts amused, there are other reasons for Millennials liking it.

Let’s take a look at the top 5 reasons why it is on every programmer’s to-do list.

Exhaustive Set of Libraries

There is no denying the fact that Python has an exhaustive set of libraries. It composes specially designed frameworks for a lot of complex computations. Millennials find it as an opportunity to see its applications in almost every other industry.

Even the world’s leading companies are doing their bit to up their game in the niche of Python. Be it Google’s Tensor Flow, Facebook’s PyTorch or Microsoft’s Cognitive Toolkit (CNTK), everyone’s out there. For Millennials who want to be heard and believe in learning by doing, Python is a quintessential platform.

Python resonates with their behaviour at various levels. It dynamic and time-saving nature drives production in people right from development to deployment and maintenance. And that tops every Millennials list!

Less Code

When it comes to Millennials, less is more. They don’t want to be pushed for anything, yet want something to be specific towards their needs. Python developers India caters directly to these requirements. It lets people do exactly what they want without making them write endless lines of mundane code.

Today, the world is trying to solve complex problems that have a considerable impact on various industries. Python’s fewer line of code and portable nature come handy for this task. It’s dual object-oriented, and procedure-oriented quality is pushing Millennials to unravel its facets in applications such as full-stack development, mathematical programming etc.

Inclination towards Machine Learning

Python has earned a credible reputation in the field of software development. But a significant portion of its applications lies in the domain of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Ever since the humankind has been exposed to artificial intelligence, we’ve hardly gone back. Not only has it opened a plethora of opportunities for developers but is also something that is making an impact on the world. Machine learning is helping to build models that can change the course of treatments and aid the healthcare industry. And this is just a minor pixel of the bigger picture.

For Millennials, money is not the most important thing, but job satisfaction is. With Python aiding the process being easy to learn, code, deploy, port among others, it is accounting for more satisfactory jobs. Millennials are finally getting a chance to change the world for good, and they don’t want to miss it for any reason.

Resourceful Community

Being open-source, Python has one of the most exceptional communities in the world. Openness and transparency are the fundaments of the Python community, making it an excellent preference for the Millennials.

Millennials want to dig deeper and know the crux of everything. Python precisely serves them with it along with providing a platform for relationship building. Every time you run into trouble, there is a large community to back you and answer your queries. It means that anyone from casual programmers to professionals can turn to the community for support at any stage of their program, without having to think twice.

Easy to Learn with Endless Opportunities

One of the fastest-growing languages, Python, is presenting endless opportunities to the world. Every other tech company wants you to learn it. The software giant Microsoft is even offering free lessons for people who wish to learn Python. And Millennials are jumping right in!

Research by Slash Data suggests that currently there are 8.2 million people in the world who use Python. Millennials who are interested in being heard and have strong opinions, find Python as their go-to tool. Python’s libraries are immaculate opportunities for the world to come. More importantly, it is expressive, and that resonates well with Millennials.


Python makes the so-called nerdy task of development fun and full of expression. With more than 125,000 libraries for different tasks, Python is in many ways making jobs easier and facilitating relationships. It is listening to the actual demands of a programmer and giving them precisely what they need. Put differently, Python resonates with people at multiple levels, and this is what the Millennials need.

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