5 Tools To Extract Text From Scanned Documents

5 Tools To Extract Text From Scanned Documents

Are you looking for a suitable option to extract text from scanned documents? OCR or optical character recognition is the technology used primarily for this purpose. What is OCR? OCR is the technology used for data extraction from scanned documents. So, the resultant happens to be a text that can be aggregated, updated, and edited with various tools to analyze it.

It is the conversion of scanned images present in the text. It might be inclusive of handwritten text, printed text, to name a few. You will find that OCR solution is useful in extracting text from passports, photos, and scanned documents. Optical character recognition has become widely popular for the digitization of recognized text. So, you will be capable of using, editing, aggregating, searching it for the analysis. Here are different tools that are beneficial in the extraction of text from various scanned documents.

PDFelement Pro

PDFelement Pro is recognized as a professional PDF editor equipped with different advanced functions to extract data. It is also ideal for processing the batch for Optical Character Recognition from the scanned documents directly. In addition to this, it also offers the suitable choice to perform different business critical tasks. So, you can make the proper use of this tool extract text from scanned documents by choosing this tool. It boasts of comprehensive functions.

People love this tool for its competitive pricing and comprehensive functions. This tool is believed to be a suitable choice for startups and well-established brands due to user-friendliness and scalability.

It features an OCR function, which provides the suitable choice for editing scanned PDFs directly. So, it is possible to convert the document into the specific editable format by choosing this tool. In addition to this, you can make the appropriate use of this tool for the conversion of PDF and image files into different searchable files to confer the archiving objectives. The OCR plugin is equipped with the extract data feature, allowing you to choose a specific area to receive the data. So, you will be successful in performing.

OCR on a large batch of files, which will enable you to save an ample amount of time, thereby making it more productive and efficient.


It is popular OCR software that plays an integral role in the virtual extraction of text from different image elements in the documents. It also works wonders with a bunch of file formats. You will be amazed to know that this tool provides support to about 138 languages. Readiris contributes to being a faster tool for OCR, which is efficient in extracting text from the JPG, PDF image, and scanned documents.


teX-Ai, that offers a helping hand in generating structured data, insights, and metadata with the extraction of data from the text. Extract structured and unstructured text and convert it into a predefined format. Load your document in any of the formats – be it a pdf, doc or image. Choose from the many ML/DL/Scraping extraction methods. Export to.

CSV, JSON and many more formats.

It boasts advanced text analytics, which helps reveal the actual meaning from a specific language with the use of amazing text extraction solutions & abilities.

Some of the features are:

1) No manual template designing needed. Deep Learning methods detect the tabular areas and OCR them as tabular data. Sequential text analytics in NLP detect the entities (batch number, issue date etc.) across document irrespective of their position
2) Customize the extracted output to a XLSX, CSV, JSON, XML file or write to a database
3) Support a variety of languages, including English, Thai, Japanese, Arabic, Mandarin, German, and all Latin languages


Nanonets have gained prominence as a powerful OCR tool, allowing you to scan about 100 images in the free plan. It provides the suitable choice to extract the text from different image files, such as ID cards, invoices, photographs, mortgage documents, and tax forms.

It is a popular tool that allows you to make the right use of artificial intelligence and deep learning. It also provides the suitable option to spot different numerals and text in the image files, after which they should be extracted into the right fields. Such an OCR tool provides access to API. So, you will be capable of developing a similar type of capabilities into the specific application. This tool’s paid version lets you extract a wide array of data fields, quicker processing time, and various benefits.


It is a lightweight and free Optical Character Recognition app that makes the proper use of an open-source text recognition engine also referred to as Tesseract. HP developed this fantastic software. It is used on a wide scale for the extraction of text from the scanned image.

The best thing about using this tool is that you do not need to carry the hassles of choosing document areas for performing Optical Character Recognition. This tool has the ability to recognize the text converts, after which they should be converted into editable text. It is believed to be a fantastic tool that effectively scans a plethora of paper documents for the purpose of digitalization.

ABBYY FineReader and Acrobat Pro DC

ABBYY FineReader happens to be one of the most accurate tools available in the market, which is used to extract text from scanned documents. The crucial features of this software include the recognition of text. It provides the capabilities for the extraction of text from different scanned documents. Besides this, it allows you to organize the documents, compare the files. You can also use it for annotation. Please keep in mind that the interface can be navigated easily. With a slick interface, it allows you to convert the.

OCR jobs into different output types.

This tool is known to be the market leader since the inception. It comes with a user-friendly interface. The best part is that you can navigate this tool around easily. It boasts of the unique feature which is useful for the scanning of different tables. It also allows you to include the document comparison feature for checking various similarities and variations.

This tool provides the suitable choice for accessing and sharing documents, which are collaborated by several users from different remote locations. The most compelling aspect of this software is that it helps in the extraction of text from various scanned documents faster.


There are primarily two parts in OCR or Optical Character Extraction. The initial part includes text detection, in which you need to determine the text present in the image. Text recognition, on the other hand, refers to the extraction of text from the image. In the digital age, OCR or Optical Character Recognition has become popular for text extraction from scanned documents.

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