7 Best Advantages Of Creating Custom WordPress Websites

7 Best Advantages Of Creating Custom WordPress Websites

The reason why many people choose WordPress to power their websites is due to ease of use, ease of maintenance, and it allows users to have a business website with a blog. All businesses need affordable websites which is understandable. Many businesses also buy WordPress templates online because it’s affordable and can immediately give your businesses a decent look. However, this is not the best choice if you need flexibility and a more personal look. Besides that, there are also several reasons why it’s important to choose a custom WordPress for your WordPress website. In this article, I will give you 7 reasons why you should go for a custom WordPress website instead of templates.


Templates are not the best options for your business since they can’t show uniqueness in your business. If you go through WordPress sites online you will see that most of the same themes. If you require extra information for your research, it is hard to remember which site you were on in the history section since all the sites look similar. They lack uniqueness to make them memorable. Choosing a custom look gives your site uniqueness and identity to make it memorable. It allows you to meet the needs of your clients and give your website that personal touch. Uniqueness is a beautiful thing in life and also in online marketing.

Clean Code

What makes templates unreliable is their unclean code. Different developers have different levels of experience and understanding of best practices. Templates may sometimes have the worst code ever. Therefore you need to be careful when choosing a WordPress template. The clean code depends on the developer. If you choose a professional developer you will get clean code. Clean code is critical if you want your site to be crawled by search engines and browser compatibility. Templates have codes that interact negatively with plugins. Having clean code means seamless interactions with plugins.

You’re Choices

When running a website, you need to have full control of everything. For example, you want total control over how images are displayed and custom coding in sidebars. This allows you to place images anywhere on your site. You also want to be able to change font sizes and colors, home page layout, page to page layouts, and blog page layout. Templates don’t offer many options. And you won’t have control over many things. Customized websites allow you to choose what you want, where you want it, and how you want it to be.


Many prefer templates since they cost anything. The downside of this is that investing nothing means nothing in return. In other words, templates won’t give you any substantial ROI since you invested nothing at all. For your online business to thrive then you need to put some cash in it. Although custom websites are paid for, you will obviously reap from them. Custom WordPress website allows you to establish a strong web presence which will is crucial for your growth. People will trust you more if you have a face they can identify with. And custom designs allow you to personalize your website.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

A custom theme is SEO ready and you won’t need to hire an SEO expert to help you with your search engine optimization. Custom themes are also very lean and have no extra source code. They don’t have extra features that are not needed in your WordPress site. If you need extra features you will have to use extra plugins. Moreover, you can avoid over customizing websites by using proper HTML tags (like h1, h2, h3, etc) for your content. The biggest benefit of custom SEO is a lean code that makes websites feather-light.

Better Security

Since you are using fewer features in a custom them, there are no major security threats from third party plugins plus code is also less. This doesn’t mean that you should relax and sit back waiting for bugs. It is always advisable to put security measures in place to avoid major security lapses.

No Feature Overload

Most templates have lots of features that are not needed in running your site. They also have a large amount of customization code. These features are meant to cater to businesses that require them to suit their business needs. Custom themes don’t have many features that are not necessary for your WordPress site. Unwanted features a lot of executable code that potentially slows down your website.


Whatever website you want to create ensure that you put some substantial amount into it. This will eventually give you value for your investment. If you are just starting and you are operating on a budget and can’t afford a WordPress developer, you can start with a template and later move on to customized websites that offer plenty of options to personalize your business according to your business requirements.

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