7 Employee GPS Tracking Apps to Upgrade your Work Life
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7 Employee GPS Tracking Apps to Upgrade your Work Life

7 Employee GPS Tracking Apps to Upgrade your Work Life

We live in an era where technologies and software have made an impact on everybody’s life. Gone are those days where finding a genuine worker was like finding a needle in the haystack. Running a business of dairy, delivering items, contracting jobs and, many more make it extremely important for the employer to get track of its workers to make work much easy by sending them off and get our tasks done.

But is there any such thing through which we can track our employee’s locations easily? The answer is YES.

You can inspect their location by making GPS time tracker application to be installed mandatorily on their devices. Now there are plenty of apps and software through which one can track locations. Before getting into the tracking applications, let’s get down to basics.

What is GPS Tracking?

GPS stands for Global Positioning System. It helps in the monitoring of the location of the object or device with the help of satellites. Utilization of Gps is not only restricted to reaching out from party A to party B. But it is much more than one can expect. It not only reduces over time but also boosts efficiency.

Let us go back to the previous sector. With no particular order, following are the apps that can assist you with much easy tasking.





TSheets is the best computerized and programmed time tracking software. Thousands of people use this software for the precise checklist and task each day.
One can track the exact location with real-time insight and can determine who’s in the closest range, to make it easy to assign work to the one who is not farther from us.
Tsheets never disappoint you with low personalization. It helps you add your own company’s logo, which makes it much personalized.
Many tracking software fails to satisfy users when it comes to using these tracking apps on the mobile phone. Thankfully, Tsheets is mobile-friendly.
It is available on Android and iOS.


TSheet comes with a free plan that enhances the interests of the audience towards this software.
It has two sets of membership- Elite and Premium. Both Elite and Premium membership provide you with 14 days of the free trial.
Elite membership charges $8 per user. Premium membership costs $8 per user.


Scopeidea’s Employee GPS tracking location is technically strong and convincingly meeting up to one’s expectations. It has many fancy tools that show the individuality of the app.
It provides details of the location and also keeps up with accurate time.
The key feature of this app is that it can work even without the internet. It has an auto-synchronization system as it just saves the data offline & whenever connected to the internet, offline data get synced with the server.
The users can set the time of the task and the meeting spot.
It assists construction workers, landscaping businesses, small and large businesses, the unit of field, event organizer, and many more.
It gives the overall weekly and monthly reports of the employees.
It’s amazingly Mobile-friendly feature will astonish you. It is available on Android and iOS as well.

free for five users.


Hubstaff is one of the most technical and desired GPS tracking app and time-tracking software.
It benefits the user by letting them track the location and the time spent on the work done.
The automatic process of starting and stopping the tracking with the joining or leaving of the team members make it easy to use.
It assists in setting up the budget limit and time limit so that one can get information about the end of their time limit.


It comes up with three plans. Basic, Premium, and Enterprise.
To get Basic membership, it costs $7 per user for one month.
To get Premium membership, it costs $10 per user for a month.
And for enterprise membership, it costs $20 per user for a month.
All three plans provide you with 14 days of the free trial.

4-Labor sync

It monitors the employee’s logged hours and organizes the working arrangement.
It is a cloud-based GPS time tracker that lets you keep an eye on the staff with instantaneous time
Labor sync is multilingual. It is available in 17 different languages.
It makes time and attendance seem extremely simple and easy.
The free app is accessible on iOS and Android.


It comes up with a $10 per user for a month.
It also offers 14 days of the free trial.


Gleeo is a GPS time tracker application. It is a mingling of time tracking and GPS tracking.
It helps supervisors to keep track of their employee’s information.
It permits a vast number of projects and tasks.
The enhanced user affiliation for the devices with touchscreens has made it look simple and easy.
It is available on Android and web applications.


Gleeo time tracker for android is free of cost.
It costs $2.50 per user for a month.


It helps in tracking the client’s location with every minute spent on the project.
Timr netting application mostly works on time tracking. The mobile app helps in GPS tracking.
It helps in making customizable reports.
It is available on iOS, Android, Windows, and Blackberry.


It costs € 8 per user for a month.

7- HoursTracker

It is a cloud-based functional and innate time tracking application for mobile users.
It has immensely imposing features that help you with the dedication towards work and quality of the work.
It provides editing tools that make the work very easy.
HoursTracker also pings the user when the working time limit is over.


It is free to download.
It costs $5.99 for the personal edition.
It costs $9.99 for the Pro edition.


GPS Time Tracker has made work tracking easy. There are many more apps that satisfy your demands. It not only automatizes your work but also assists in increasing productivity and classic work.
Starting with a simple app will help you to gain clarity. SCOPIDEA provides you with a free tracking app for five users. The auto synchronization feature is what caught my eyes. check our this ink https://www.scopidea.com/gps-time-tracker for more details.


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