The ABC Of E-tendering: Advantages, Bidding, Commencement

The ABC Of E-tendering: Advantages, Bidding, Commencement

Do you know what e-tendering in NSW is? Do you know how to register for any NSW e-tendering contract? Why are so many sectors shifting from traditional tendering to e-tendering?

E-tendering is an internet-based tendering process, where all the information is available, and bids are submitted on an e-portal; from advertising to acknowledgement.Read on to know more about e-tendering.

Advantages of E-tendering and E-procurement

  • Structured approach

Every e-portal has a different format and feel, but they all provide a convenient and structured path to bid submission. In some portals, you may be restricted from proceeding to the next step before completing the one prior to it; ensuring that you don’t miss any important sections.

  • Automation

The automated portal provides you with options like:

  • continuing from where you last left off
  • saving the documents
  • structuring the approach
  • accessing from anywhere
  • uploading all supporting files
  • avoiding missing any mandatory sections
  • Reduction of costs and environmentally-friendly

You may already be aware of the cost-saving on both ends (tenderer and tenderee) with the advent of technology. The savings in time, resources and materials are large without the need to create large print documents and have them delivered to the client’s office, sometimes in other cities.

Useful Tips for Bidding

  • Don’t forget your ID and password

When you register for any e-tendering portal, you get an ID and password for your account. All your submissions, queries and notifications will be uploaded on the same portal. Suggestion—don’t be careless and share your ID and password with anyone else in case your competitors get hold of it.

  • Get your questions in as soon as possible

The first step after analysing all the tender documents is to raise questions that need clarification. Submit all your questions right away to make sure you don’t waste your precious time on writing a flawed bid. Suggestion—fill in the basic information till all your questions are answered to save time.

  • Save your work

Never forget to save your work regularly because you may lose all your progress if you don’t—this is the drawback of e-portals.

Technical errors depend on the security and design of the e-portal, but in any case, saving your work frequently is the best way to avoid such  situations. Suggestion—save your work every time you upload something important onto the portal.

  • Dedicate an adequate amount of time

Tender writing requires sufficient time because you need to analyse the documents appropriately to make sure you know: what the client is looking for; how can you add value and how can you persuade the client to select your company. This is the only way of writing a successful bid and win against the competition. Suggestion—on’t hurry, ensure you submit before the deadline.

The E-tendering Portal

  • Promote the capabilities of your business
  • Opt for email alerts to stay notified
  • Access relevant bids and tender documents
  • Check, complete and submit the pre-qualification questionnaire available on the portal
  • Draft a proposal, double-check everything and submit
  • Don’t hesitate to ask any questions or queries relating to the tender documents
  • Keep track of the progress of your submission
  • Stay alert! Keep a check on notifications regarding changes in the tender requirements and submission
  • Keep all your tender documents in one place for all tender proposals
  • Upload all relevant documents to the portal
  • You can also access a list of ‘open’ tenders s from other public bodies using the same portal
  • Hire expert tender writers to ensure a winning bid
  • Make sure you have a person on your team who understands the technicalities of e-portals to avoid any mistakes that might cause you to miss out on the opportunity

It is never too late to grow a business, and a tender can increase the turnover of your business significantly. So, be prepared; be thorough; be professional; to win the game!

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