Business Administration Biometric Attendance System

Business Administration Biometric Attendance System

In today’s world, when the frauds increased and the ones who do, it is necessary that we advance ourselves in terms of technology.  When it comes to fraud, it doesn’t just mean of money, someone might steal from the work time too. Therefore, this makes the adoption of proper security measures which may prevent chances of employees cutting time from their work system.

biometric attendance machine

The Biometric Attendance Machine is one such means, which helps to keep control over the activities like, in and outgoing of employees, keeping attendance and recognizing the employees work or activities. It is one of the best attendance measurement system in today’s world when time sheet and other traditional methods are becoming outdated.


  1. Payroll software- The thumb based biometric attendance machine prevents something which was famous before, i.e., Proxy attendance. It helps the organization to keep control over the employees so that salary can be adequately provided based upon the no. of days worked.
  2. Face reader biometric machine- whether it might be a thumb method or a face reader machine which came because of the advancement, it acts as a security worker as the same stops access to particular rooms where the entry is granted as per the position of a person. Thus, this acts as an access control machine or an access control system.
  3. Data accuracy- This is another thing that needs to be complete. The HR by means of it is able to process the data and keep it secured as this cannot be manipulated like in ordinary systems.
  4. Economic – The price of Fingerprint machine or payroll software or finger attendance machine, etc, are called as a one-time investment and they remove the manual work which in other way removes the headache of every month salary payment.
  5. Productivity increaser- the same increase the productivity of the employees as the biometric system cannot be cheated at all and is always expected to be accurate as the same isn’t what is done as manual. All mechanized and productive.

Biometric attendance machine with the brand name of AM Security System

Among various competitors and new entrants one of the brands that has created its niche in market is AM Security System. They are famous sellers of such Attendance Machines or biometric systems which are famous all over. They offer their services through phone calls or one can even get their services by applying online. So, the best of what one can get by means of best is here.


The investment we all know that on an asset is generally one time and we can derive the benefit for long. Same is the case with such biometric systems which are a one-time investment of an organization. The same costs from Rs.2000 – Rs.7000 and even above that. All are based upon the requirements and varies services that are provided to the customers. Some include just the finger reading while some read face and some even provide services of door access control, all within one budget. So, one needs to be very clear with what facilities they want in the system so that they get the best of what the can at a price which is economical and within the budget.

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