Advantages of ERP System

Advantages of ERP System

ERP is indispensable for apparel companies. ERP streamlines the business processes, delivers accurate real-time data, reduces cost, and hence is at the center of digital organizational transformation. This blog will further discuss the need for ERP in your business.  

Let’s look at the first five advantages of an ERP for clothes manufacturers. 

You may feel like you’ve heard the term from an ERP vendor over and over again, and you can’t read an article about ERP without the term real-time data. Real-time data has transformed the manufacturing industry and changed the way stores, and goods are managed. With real-time data from the ERP system, you know which production processes, machines, workstations, and product lines are working with high quality and efficiency and which aren’t – so you can quickly make changes and fix problems; even when they get out of hand. 

Real-time data allows you to continuously track, monitor, and optimize to achieve a higher efficiency level. It will enable you to monitor your floor schedule, continually improve product quality, and maintain your equipment to create a more efficient production base. 

And remember that ERP also gives you a source of truth about your data and provides more data security. ERP creates a central repository for your data that closely monitors access points and user permissions.  –It also reduces your vulnerability to human error and prevents people from accidentally accessing and changing data. Having real-time data ensures you always have accurate and reliable data. 

Optimized business processes and increased efficiency:  

ERPs help you increase your business efficiency as they streamline your business processes. 

For example, an ERP system lets you to automatically track the inventory used for each order. Having this information at hand helps planning production easy because you know exactly how much raw material you have and what is required to get the job done. 

ERP optimizes your business tasks and processes so you can get things done faster, better, and with greater consistency. 

Better collaboration between your team 

Using integrated systems in your company – from accounting and engineering to production and shipping – will enhance collaboration in your business. 

All your employees can work from the same central shared database, making it easy to exchange accurate data and information between departments. ERP breaks down information silos to create a more open, transparent, and collaborative workplace. 

Reduce costs 

ERP reduces operational and administrative costs as it helps you better manage every aspect of your business. ERP makes your business more efficient by lowering your operating costs, like labor, engineering, and supply chain. For example, an ERP can help you better manage long lead time, items to avoid production delays, etc. 

It also reduces administrative effort because you invest and maintain one software system. 

In fact, as per the recent study, Aberdeen Group found that ERP solutions can increase operational costs by 23%, administration costs by 22%, and delivery times by 24%. 

Better analysis 

In the past, manufacturers had to read multiple spreadsheets and systems to extract the relevant data and then analyze the data to produce meaningful reports. Today, the right ERP can not only keep all your data in one place but also analyze it for you. ERP systems now have built-in business intelligence (BI) tools to analyze data and generate powerful reports that will help you be more efficient, productive and make better decisions for your business.  

You also don’t need to have a PhD or be a data scientist to understand your ERP system’s data and information. 

A good quality ERP system has a complete set of valuable and easy- to -understand reports built into it. These reports help you analyze your operations, see where you need to improve, and make it easier to maintain key performance indicators (KPIs). 

Armed with the right data, you can pinpoint the right direction for your company’s future. 

Take full advantage of the ERP system that works for you. We at Katalyst technologies offer a fully customizable advanced ERP solution that helps businesses streamline their operations.  

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