How Is AI Contributing To Safety And Success of Mining Industry

How Is AI Contributing To Safety And Success of Mining Industry

Some countries of the world are richer than others in terms of natural resources. The Middle Eastern countries are among those countries which are exceptionally rich. They have vast reserves of natural oil, as well as a number of other minerals. So, mining is one of the most industries in the UAE, which significantly contributes to its economy as well. Mining is profitable. However, it is equally expensive and holds greater risk. The experts have to be very careful in the planning and execution process to ensure their efforts are not fruitless, as they can lose billions of dollars due to it. However, technological advancement is helping them fight the challenges and ensure success by the inclusion of artificial intelligence (AI). mine maintenance, an extensive range of onsite maintenance and equipment repairs.

This article will discuss the role of artificial intelligence and the opportunities in ensuring the safety and success of the mining industry in the UAE.

Top 6 Ways AI is Boosting Profitability of Mining Industry

Artificial intelligence is significantly gaining popularity since the past few years, due to the progress garnered by it. The support of the technology in the field of mining is more appreciable because the field requires extensive investment, which can go down the drain, in case the experts fail to achieve expected results.

The following are some of the most important ways AI is boosting the profitability of UAE’s mining industry.

Improved Resource Discovery and Planning

Resource discovery is one of the most time consuming and tiring tasks in mining. Still, the discovery process is often not quite accurate, and the experts can make a rough estimate. They have to extract the area to become sure about the availability of resources.

Artificial intelligence provides groundbreaking support by predicting and discovering the resources perfectly. It utilizes the geographical data for the purpose and supports the planning phase as well.

Use of Autonomous Machines and Drones

Mining used to be a very tiring and risky task before the introduction of AI. The labor force had to sneak into dark and congested places with heavy machinery to extract the resources. The death rate due to the collapse of the site was also quite high.

However, the conditions have become quite favorable now. The autonomous machines empowered by artificial intelligence are capable of performing efficiently while keeping the labors away. Moreover, the drones help take an aerial overview of the site and limit risk factors.

Accurate Threat Detection

In the old times, the experts were not able to predict or identify the threats involved in the mining process, until the occurrence of the issue. It used to cause severe loss of human life, machinery, and investment while facing the failure in acquiring the resources.

The artificial intelligence is significantly beneficial in this regard as it helps in accurate threat detection. It helps the expert not to invest their time and resources in the problematic conditions or support in avoiding the threats but providing detailed information.

Reduced Environmental Issues

The extraction of natural resources and mining is not safe from causing environmental issues. The machinery used in the process, as well as the accumulated waste material, are among the prime sources of environmental issues. However, it is no longer an uncontrollable issue.

Due to the use of artificial intelligence in the field of mining, the experts are able to reduce environmental issues to large scales. They are able to manage the waste material efficiently so that it does not harm the planet and its creatures.

Underground and Processing Automation

One of the most tiring tasks in the mining industry is underground automation. It threatens the life of the labor force, even when the success rate is quite low. The labor had to explore the sites to find and extract the resources.

The use of artificial intelligence in the field of mining has enabled experts to use automated processing and underground excavation. The labor force does not need to risk their lives, while the machines are able to extract the resource with complete control and expertise.

Predictive Maintenance

One of the greatest threats in the mining industry is the collision of the site at a later stage of mining or after it. The labor force may be able to save their life. However, the maintenance issues cayuse greater hassle of machinery and resources.

The inclusion of artificial intelligence in the field of mining has enabled experts to adopt a predictive maintenance strategy. They can identify and amend the threats before their occurrence, which significantly control danger and destruction.

What else AI has in store for you?

This is just the basic support artificial intelligence is providing in the field of mining. There is much more to learn and explore. If you are interested in knowing more about the wonders, you can join artificial intelligence UAE based conferences, summits and workshops to learn more about the utilization of technology and include it in your business or service.

Make use of the latest technology to boost the success of your initiatives and do not hesitate to acquire knowledge for the process.

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