Amped Wireless Setup

Amped Wireless Setup

Amped Wireless Setup through

If you are trying Amped wireless setup for the first time then this is the guide you only need. We have discussed the process of amped wireless login and setup by using in detail. Refer to the straightforward instructions. is a web address provided by Amped to help the users configure their networking devices like routers, extenders, modems, and USB adapters. This web address allows login to the web interface of the amped wireless device. This web address will also work in an offline mode. A user can also perform the Amped wireless setup by using the default ip address It is simple and easy to access the Amped wireless login page.

Steps to perform the amped wireless setup-

The foremost job is to plug your amped wireless device into the wall outlet. Press the power button and wait for the power light to get stable.

Your next task will be to connect the amped device to the modem with the help of an Ethernet cable. One end of the cable will go into the modem and the other end will get into the LAN port of the amped router.

Now, connect any of your devices to the amped wireless device with the help of an Ethernet cable or you can even use the Wi-Fi. You can find the default Wi-Fi credentials printed on the product label of the amped device.

Open any updated web browser on the connected device and type the default web address Or, you can use the default ip address You will get into the amped wireless login page. Enter the login user name and password for your amped device.

If the details that you’ve entered are incorrect, you’ll need to reset your amped wireless device to the default settings. If you’re successfully signed in, you will get into the amped dashboard that will let you configure your wireless network.

After signing in, you can configure the wireless and security settings. You can change the admin login details of your device. Also, you can update the firmware of your amped device to keep it up-to-date.

Once your amped wireless setup is completed, you can relocate your amped wireless device to your desired location. Finally, you can connect your Wi-Fi devices to the amped wireless network.

This was all about amped wireless setup through web address If you would need any help while configuring your amped wireless device, you can call our technical experts and ask for their help.

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