Launching An Excellent Grocery Delivery App With Cutting Edge Features
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Launching An Excellent Grocery Delivery App With Cutting Edge Features

Launching An Excellent Grocery Delivery App With Cutting Edge Features

Recollect, when was the last time you ordered groceries online. It would be absurd to say that you haven’t ordered groceries from a grocery delivery app in the previous five months. Ever since the global lockdown, grocery delivery apps are starting to be used in abundance. Every Tom Dick and Harry is planning on investing in an online grocery delivery business because it has enormous scope. In running an online grocery delivery business, an efficient grocery delivery app is indispensable. A shipt clone can be used in running a grocery delivery business because it is feature-rich and works with exceptional efficiency. 

Cutting-edge features provided in a Shipt clone app are

1) Easy onboarding:

The customers can easily create a profile by logging in using their email address or phone number. An even more comfortable way of login can be done by using their social media accounts. 

2) Profile maintenance

The customer, store owner, and delivery executive can maintain their profile, edit and update their information without any problem. The store owners can update in-stock products and out of stock for customer ease in ordering them. 

3) Availability status

The store owners and the delivery executive has the autonomy to update their online and offline status in the toggle bar based on their availability 

4) Special discounts

The store owners and the admin of the shipt clone app can provide periodic coupons and offers for the customers to gain better reach among the customers and to sustain them. 

5) Advanced filters 

The customers can quickly access the products they need using the filtering options to search for the products.

6) Order placement

Customers can place their orders from the nearest grocery store. On-demand instant delivery services are provided. They can schedule the order delivery for a particular date and time as well. 

7) Push notifications

The customers receive notifications on status updates, coupons, and much more. Likewise, the delivery executive and the store owner get information on the order request and can accept it or deny it based on their availability. 

8) Real-time GPS enabled tracking

The customers can track their orders using the GPS feature. It is a vital element in the delivery executive’s app as they use it to locate the grocery store and the customer’s place to pick and deliver the order.

9) Secure payment

The customers can pay for their orders using the in-app wallets or even through their preferred payment mode. Ever since the COVID, online transactions are more preferred than COD, and the customers should be ensured of a safe payment process. 

10) Multilingual and multi-currency 

The app should have multi-language support and accept payment in the form of international currency to give it a global reach. Multi-language support can give reach among the local customers as well. 

11) Service reviews

The customers can rate their delivery process and also the products purchased. These reviews will be taken into account and worked upon. This will also give the other customers assurance to carry on their order process based on the ratings. 

Parameters that a shipt clone app development company should meet

Intuitive front-end and back-end design

The app should have a user-friendly front-end design that is attractive and conducive to carrying out the app’s processes. The app’s back-end design should be intact and must be able to hold a large volume of data. 

Cost-effective and ready to launch 

The shipt clone app should be developed within an appropriate and affordable budget. Since it does not require much work like developing an app from scratch, it should be ready for deployment with few necessary customizations. Thereby promising a timely launch of the app. 

Feature-rich shipt clone app

The app should have all the necessary features essential and should help the users, delivery executives, store wonder, and the admin carry out their work and processes seamlessly. 

Suitable for multiple platforms

The shipt clone app should suit platforms like iOS and Android devices and the PC and laptops with the help of a high-end website. Thus, the app reaches all classes of customers and helps them carry out their order processes with ease. 

Skilled developers 

The firm should have experienced developers who develop the app with great care and should provide extensive support. 

This is the right time to jump into the grocery delivery business. Launch your business with a high-end app to make your business reach horizons.

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