How to Automate your Manufacturing Business with SAP Business ByDesign?

How to Automate your Manufacturing Business with SAP Business ByDesign?

If you’re a multi-chain manufacturer and leading a mid size manufacturing business, you must have a set of multiple challenges to confront. Challenges like optimizing inventory, reducing raw materials, managing bills of materials, managing production orders, tracking multiple units of measure, forecasting production demands and supply and mitigating costs are ever rising. You can’t depend on a single software like spreadsheets and excel sheets to manage everything. There needs to be a dependable and proven software that can help mitigate all manufacturing challenges to great extent. The software that can help you gain unprecedented visibility into your manufacturing operations. 

The manufacturing industry cannot work in silos. It has many vital functions to work with such as demand and supply, supply chain, procurement, production, and other departments. This is the daily challenge of a manufacturer to collaborate closely with all suppliers, vendors and customers and be on the same page. Legacy software and homegrown software cannot support the dynamic challenges that this industry is confronting. The world is going digital so a time-tested software is required to better manage distribution and supply chain challenges.  

Should you want to manage bills of materials, multi-level bills of materials, manage production orders, manage multiple units of measure, conduct multiple level planning, forecasting demand and supply, you have software to rely on.  The software gives real time insights and centralized data for actionable information. So gain full transparency to make informed business decisions, better manage cash and liquidity, manage your production details, manage sourcing and contracting, perform inventory valuation and so much more. 

Designed for mid size business, SAP Business ByDesign helps solve your most frustrating production and distribution challenges. The native features of this erp solution render all in one solution to accomodate the needs of business.  So, if you need to streamline supply chain, logistics, reduce pre production time, easily manage your raw materials, achieve higher customer satisfaction you can trust this comprehensive software. 

Align all areas of manufacturing

So if you are looking for one special software that can align all areas of production which includes budgeting, estimating, capacity planning, controlling, material planning, and inventory tracking, SAP Business ByDesign is the one for you. This solution has industry-specific features which includes accounting, project and production management, logistics management, planning, budgeting, CRM and provide end to end visibility to all leading decision makers in this industry.  

So, if you have to manage stock related production, manage everything from production, budget, quality,  and cost controlling, you can have a 360 view of your business seamlessly. 

Maintain compliance

It is a strict mandate to maintain compliance and adhere to the strict regulatory standards. Therefore, it is required to stay agile and have a manufacturing ERP software that can help you stay compliant. SAP Business ByDesign can help you support to adapt to new markets while ensuring quality and supports all international standards.  

Now it is easy to stay on top of projects with the best ERP software that renders real-time insights and details on the fly. All vital details such as stock-related production, inventory movements, advance scheduling and planning, production, can be easily obtained from one single software rather than relying on multiple software. It makes life a little easier.  

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