Basics of Web API Documentation

Basics of Web API Documentation

Nowadays, many people are employing mobile phones in place of web application like iPhone, mobile devices and tablets in their regular lives. These devices also include applications to make their life simpler like Gmail, Twitter, Facebook, etc. In different words, we can say that web based application is not sufficient to approach its client.

So, if you like to depict your service information to the browsers and as well as all these contemporary device applications in quick and easy way, you should have an API that is well-matched with browsers and all devices.

Web API is an open source interface for creating restful services over the .Net structure. It runs on HTTP. HTTP is stateless procedure, i.e., the link between client and server is misplaced once the transaction is finished.

Why Web API?

  • If we require a web service and do not require SOAP, then web API is the best alternative.
  • It is an open source platform.
  • It runs on HTTP and simple to define, interpret and use in a soothing manner.
  • We do not require defining any additional config settings for diverse devices not like WCF Rest service,
  • It is light weight structural design and the best for devices that have restricted bandwidth such as smart phones.

The Web API documentation is prearranged into some parts given below:


Quickstarts are prompt, simple to follow examples that demonstrate the simplicity of use and functionality. They wrap everything from replying incoming calls, delivering text SMSs, integrating voice and text in an application, documenting calls, making conference calls and lot more.


Tutorials take a more comprehensive look at using some of the interior and auxiliary functionality, via the revelation of examples created to provide more intricacy.

API suggestions

Want to find if a parameter acquires an Integer or a Float? Require knowing each feasible alternative accessible on documentation? Want to find the defaulting timeout worth for request? This is the place to move ahead.

When searching at the regulations in this documentation, you will know that many examples employ a web development structure to exemplify the ideas. This is particularly the condition when the instance cannot be dealt employing JSON alone.

If you are searching for a back end to expand native apps for mobile phones that do not hold up SOAP, ASP/NET Web API can accomplish your aim. Almost any indigenous application running on mobile phone other than Windows one can employ ASP/NET Web API as backend. Thus, a web API is the best for employing with native apps that need web services, but not SOAP hold up.

Overall, web API is the best framework for revealing your information and service to diverse devices. Moreover, it is open source and a perfect platform for developing REST-ful services over the .NET architecture. Not like WCF rest service, it uses complete features of HTTP and you do not require defining any additional config settings for diverse devices not like WCF rest service.

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