Beacon Based Solutions Entering Education Campus

Beacon Based Solutions Entering Education Campus

Over the past few years, technology has boosted in the digital world and has impacted various sectors which include both retail and travel. Beacon-based solutions have also proven to be quite determinant for state of art technology and have gained popularity within a limited period of time. With time, it has emerged as one of the biggest sources for enhancing life on education campuses. To gain more insight into it, keep reading below.

Campus Navigation Simplified

Implementation of BLE within different locations in the campus can enable both parents and visitors to have an interactive tour of the campus. For people who are unfamiliar or have not heard about the campus,  need not have to keep asking for its location or looking for a sign board to reach to a specific location. Every individual will be guided towards the right location, class or labs without the use of paper prints or wooden boards around the campus. Overall digitising the entire campus using BLE mobile application can greatly reduce overhead cost and make the search of locations a much easy task to perform.

Enhanced Campus Administration With BLE

With BLE installed, location-specific data can be very well used for managing staff and administration. Moreover, the distribution of information with BLE can also keep individuals engaged on campus all the time. Apart from this, BLE implementation can also enable campus plan and carry off things in an efficient way. Some of the areas that can be simplified includes the following;

  1. Simplified event registration
  2. Capability to handle long queues in a short period of time: No matter if the campus is holding annual function, sports day, farewells or any other function the most difficult thing to do is handle the rush. With BLE, traffic can be directed appropriately and also event specific information can be displayed to all the visitors.

Appropriate Class Understanding

One of the most important things for both student and professor is in class experience. If this experience is managed appropriately, then nothing can stop the campus from being successful. In such a scenario IOT solution plays a critical role wherein different activities can be performed conveniently like circulating educational content to students using mobile apps, taking attendance using digital media, distribution of material by professors to relative students, performing team building exercises, evaluation of students, and intimation of results to students instantly.

Security and Safety

Beacon-based solutions can be of utmost help in tracing the location of students, professors and also the admin staff. At the time of emergency, the technology can be used for finding the fastest route possible for early evacuation. Apart from this, Beacon is also quite useful for taking care of the location of documents and making the search of specific documents at the time of use.


Beacon app development is undoubtedly serving wide clientele based all over the globe. This application has been developed to serve needs of various users, so it does not matter if you are running an educational institution, art gallery or a smart museum installing beacon based solutions is one of the best things to opt for and implement.

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