Benefits of Cloud Based VoIP Phone System

Benefits of Cloud Based VoIP Phone System

The cloud-based phone technology has taken the business world by storm. However, for some changing their business phone system can still seem like an impossible task. Hence, it is essential to realise that benefits of cloud-based phone systems.

Benefits of Cloud Phone System

Great Cost Savings 

The best thing about cloud-based phone solution is that you don’t have to invest in expensive hardware. The complete telephone system is hosted and managed in the cloud. You only have to pay for the phone services that you need. From the cloud service providers perspective, the total cost is shared among thousands of users which lowers the per subscriptions/usage cost for the customers compared to the fixed phone lines cost.

Since cloud phone services are not limited to geographical locations, it can lead to huge call cost savings for businesses. Therefore, your organisation regardless of its location can consolidate its phone infrastructure into a single system, allowing you to make calls from one branch to another, which would seem like internal calls.

Improved Security Developments

Traditional on-premise phone systems are tied to a single location and hence are vulnerable to human error and natural disasters. On the contrary, cloud phone systems use several layers of enterprise-level security measures that keep your data safe. Such phone systems offer dedicated data monitoring and management. Furthermore, with cloud, data backup is safer and easier. All your important information is stored in a different location to keep your data protected from loss, corruptions and natural disasters.

Keep your existing/old phone system.

For businesses that don’t want to disrupt their existing phone system but also want the benefits of cloud-hosted phone services, they can do so by integrating the legacy system with a cloud system. If your traditional phone system supports VoIP/SIP trunks, you don’t have to buy any additional equipment. Cloud-hosted services can interface with your existing legacy system giving you flexibility on how you route incoming calls.


Cloud phone system empowers you to make calls from anywhere in the world through IP phones, computers, desktops or smartphones with VoIP software. Your workers can work from home or remotely using the same business number using their preferred device. You can easily flip business calls from your desk phone to your smartphone and answer calls in-transit. The flexibility that the cloud-based system provides you improves your reachability to customers.

High-Quality Calls

Communication through the internet has improved with better quality of service (QoS), high internet speed and better compression rate. Before deploying VoIP phone system, your service provider can perform different tests to measure the quality of your internet so that they can recommend the best VoIP solution to you.

With cloud based voip system, you experience high call quality over the internet with voice prioritisation along with other packet loss resilience methods.

Advanced features

An on-premise legacy solution limits your access to calling features. However, with a cloud-based phone system, you can access all the features that the service provider has to offer at no extra cost. You can take advantage of features like time conditions, voice menus, call control, call queue, cheap international calls, call forwarding and much more.


Every business grows and contracts all the time. During these periods, businesses need a communication solution that scales up or down according to business needs. With on-premise PBX system, you can reserve resources and allocate space for future expansion. This means you only pay for the utilised resources which you may or may not require in the future. Great thing about cloud-based phone system is that you can scale it to meet your usage capacity. You can begin small with a few phone lines and add users based on your business needs.

Real-time monitoring and Reports

Cloud-based VoIP phone systems offer you access to real-time monitoring and statistics of all the activities including missing, dialled or on-going calls, hold time, active or available agents and subscription costs through an online portal that is accessible on a computer or mobile phone. As a business owner, you have the ability to analyse employees’ performance by viewing call recordings. You can make informed decisions by using different reporting tools on your phone system. The reporting tools not just collates data but it also organises and presents important information through statistical tools such as mean, bar charts, pie charts and other graphs which make usage analysis easier to comprehend.

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