Best Business Cloud Storage in 2021

Best Business Cloud Storage in 2021

After the pandemic, most of the businesses and individuals started working from home. In the uniformly changing digital era, distinguishing the best cloud storage for your documents is an essential determination for individuals and businesses, precisely in the rapid pace of digital transformation. There is some stuff critical to share your work files with your team, like Online file storage, syncing, and sharing services play a tremendous role.  The requirement of the best cloud storage services in 2021 is a necessity for everyone. The storage files, including documents, PDF, photos, videos, are increasing every day as the high resolutions are becoming usual for every user.   

Computers are undeviatingly turning towards remote, server-based storage and processing that is Cloud platform. Storing your documents and media files on the cloud platform leverages anywhere access and enhance collaboration. The cloud storage services offer seamless access to your critical data like word docs, PDF, spreadsheets, photos, videos and other digital files without any geographical limitation. Cloud syncing empowers you to use any device like a smartphone, a tablet or a laptop to access your data. 

Cloud provides unlimited storage globally. It is a cost-effective solution over physical storage. Also, for any issue, then devoted customer support staff is available to assist you further. Cloud storage gives a safeguard solution to protect your data.

Cloud Storage 

Cloud storage keeps your data on a physical drive, and you can access it via software over the internet. The information is attainable through an internet-connected device when the user wants to access the files. 

There are two types of cloud storage, Self-hosted and Storage As A Service(StaaS). The latest advantage includes providers to attain scalable economy for advanced management, expensive data centres, and offers immense and reasonable storage price. Hybrid cloud storage involves a combination of cloud networking and on-premises infrastructure. 

StaaS solutions are much more affordable per TB, made for collaboration, and known as a storage and syncing platform. Anyone can upload and access the data from internet-connected devices and effortlessly share files. Users working from home depends on the cloud platform to accomplish their jobs, one or the other way. 

Cloud syncing technology is becoming prominent with these collaborative features that include link sharing, documents sharing with ease and allowing the users to record modifications in the files, review the editing done by the team members.

Best Business Cloud Storage in 2021 

1. –

It is the most reliable cloud storage provider in the market that uses client-side encryption and maintains a strict stand on user’s privacy. It’s cost-effective and provides enormous storage space. Every user gets 1TB of space at only $5 per month. The advanced plan has 10TB of space at only $15 per month. is available with an exceptional versioning feature that allows businesses to store file versions with a backdate in the year. It helps you to restore the entire account with the account rewind feature. 

2. Egnyte Connect –

Its cloud storage got designed for better productivity, and the range of integrations displays it. It also has a built-in task management functionality for general task management. 

Task management is good functionality, and the integrating feature is the popular one in this storage. It has two different categories. It has add-ons allowing access to the third-party services in the Egnyte web client and integrations that sync outside the application. 

Egnyte supports Slack, G Suite and Office 365. The external integrations include AWS SSO, Gmail, Salesforce and SAP. 

The security measures of Egnyte are pretty impressive, as the files get encryption from the server-side with an SSL/TLS layer to safeguard in the transit. Enterprise subscribers have a permit to Egnyte key management for managing their encryption keys. 

Egnyte is available at a budget-friendly price. 

3. Box Business –

Box Business is known for its rare functionality. Box is available with various third-party integration, including Office 365, mirroring tools available with OneDrive and Google Docs. You can also create and edit documents with these tools straight in the Box interface. 

Box provides support in applications such as Salesforce, Microsoft Teams and Trello, with Docs and Microsoft Office. Box offers unlimited storage. Its general business plan costs $15 per user per month annually, with unlimited storage, data loss protection and custom branding. 

Box uses AES -256 encryption, and the encryption is server-side that gets managed by Box with your encryption key. It also offers you to select your encryption key by subscribing to the business or enterprise plan. 

4. Dropbox Business –

It’s expensive cloud storage, but the cost is worth it. It offers a single-user business subscription that offers 3TB storage space. The most robust feature of Dropbox is remote account wipe that costs $20 per month. 

Remaining plans like standard and advanced starts with a minimum of three users. The standard plan has $15 per user per month and is available with the 5TB shared storage. The advanced plan has $25 per user per month with scalability providing unlimited storage to your business. 

Apart from scalability, it offers exceptional usability and features. Dropbox sets a benchmark for other cloud storage services in terms of usability. The interface has plenty of options for sharing or passing documents via simple Slack. 

Dropbox integrates with Asana, Salesforce and Zoom. It has productivity applications like Dropbox Paper. It has a world-class user interface design and sharing features, makes worthy of its high cost. 

5. Mega – 

Mega is well-known for its acceptable 20GB free plan for personal use. It also offers a single business subscription. It provides scalability with unlimited storage and transfers at $12 per user per month. It has a zero-knowledge security model approach exclusive in client-side encryption. The encryption makes the processing slow, unlike other end-to-end encrypted cloud storage services. It doesn’t provide third-party integrations. Mega provides a chat app to utilize similar high-security measures like storage and encrypted videos and voice calls. 

6. One Drive –

One Drive got developed by Microsoft and effortless integration with other Microsoft services like Office. It also gets integrated with Microsoft Windows. The integration with Office is the exceptional feature One Drive possess. The Microsoft 365 Personal subscription consists of 1TB of One Drive storage space along with the complete desktop versions of Office apps like Word, Excel, Outlook, and Powerpoint. 

You can conveniently share your files saved on the cloud platform, and various users can access and work together simultaneously. Any modifications are instantly available to authorized users and get stored in the cloud automatically. 

The Microsoft Personal subscription allows you to install Office on up to five multiple devices for sharing services within the family or household. One Drive doesn’t allow zero-knowledge encryption, and hence, your data is visible to Microsoft and who has access to its servers, legally or illegally. 

7. Google Drive –

Google provides storage that is compatible with its G Suite applications. It replaces the Microsoft Office experience completely. You can seamlessly collaborate with Google Docs in real-time, leave comments, and modify with Google’s built-in versioning functionality. Google Drive offers various applications for integration with other productive apps, grammar checks and much more. You can use Google Drive with other applications like Google Calendar and Google Keep. 

With the Gmail account, you can easily use Google Drive and avail yourself of the 15GB of storage space free of cost. Google Drive provides powerful collaboration options and is the best no-cost cloud storage service. 

You can add up100GB of extra storage at an affordable $2 per month. It doesn’t have zero-knowledge encryption where Google is not having exceptional policies or strategies regarding personal data. 

Finally, we can say that there are plenty of options available to select cloud storage for your business, and the selection of correct cloud storage depends on your business requirement. Cloud storage provides exceptional storage options to remove the complex storage options of hard disk or USB. It is a cost-efficient option for both personal and business use. You can review every cloud storage option sparingly while choosing the right one. Some of the tools also offer a trial period from 14 days to 30 days.

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