Best Proxy Websites List To Unblock Facebook

Best Proxy Websites List To Unblock Facebook

As we all know, facebook is the most popular social media platform on the internet, more than 350 billion people use this website. The Main feature that attracts people to use Facebook is, you can stay in touch with your friends, family and you can make new friends through all over the world. Whereas, proxy websites is the best way to access blocked websites and url’s. It is also used to accessed the restricted websites that gets blocked by your school administrator and government offices etc. Sometimes when you are accesing websites, it says webpage is not avialable or url is blocked. In that case proxy websites are useful to access these blocked URL’s. These websites are very easy to use and also assist to surf internet anonymously. So, Don’t get tensed if yor website got blocked. In this article we have listed down some of the best proxy websites to unblock facebook.

Youtube Proxy ListHere are following websites to unblock your Facebook account

  • Vtunnel

This website helps you to unblock your website very quickly and with a very simple way. All you need to do is, type and you found the input box on the home page. Enter “ in the input box. Please don’t forget to unmarked, “no cookies” button. Now just click and start accessing Facebook.

  • Proxfree

You can unblock your Facebook account through this website also. Just open this website and you can see the “LOCK IMAGE” on the left top of the website. Just give a simple click to enable the SSL (Secure sockets layer). The best thing about this website is, you can select “IP address location” and “Server location” from the different servers provided there. Servers located in Germany, France, UK, Netherlands are given in the list.

  • The Facebook Proxy

This is another online proxy website, which is specially created for unblocking Facebook at Schools, Universities, Colleges and Offices. When you open this website, you can see the option of “Edit Browser” at the top, where you can change the settings. You can also access other blocked sites with the help of this website.

  • 99Proxy

This website comes with a  simple interface. The Only thing you have to do is, Just enter in the box at the top and click unblock. You will be unlocked instantly.

  • com

To access the Facebook, just visit the website and check for the input on the home page. Enter in the box and click on Surf now button. This site is also helping you to browse sites like Google, Youtube, and Twitter etc.

  • BypassFacebook

Bypass Facebook is also helpful for you to unblock Facebook if it is locked by the administrator. Just visit the website and enter the URL. You found yourself unlocked in seconds.

  • Hidefap

Visit the and you can see the input box at the homepage. Just below the URL, you can see the link to Facebook, click on it and you will get a Facebook URL in the box, Now just click on GO option and start accessing Facebook.

  • The best proxy

The best proxy basically found all the visited pages on the server. With the help of this if any user asks for the site, which is frequently visited. Hence this makes you surf faster than the other proxy websites, you can get better speed also when you start accessing Facebook.

  • ProxyBoost

It is an American proxy website, which is very faster way to access and helps you to unblock Facebook. You can only enter the Facebook URL in Input box which you can see at home page and you found yourself unblocked.

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