The Best Role of PHP on Web Hosting

The Best Role of PHP on Web Hosting

Web hosting is a vital part of website development and it can be a hustle to find the right web hosting option in a sea that offers a variety. From the price, functionality, and ease of use, it is no easy task to just settle on one. One of the favorites in the market currently is the PHP web hosting environment which capitalizes on the PHP development through the execution of PHP language. This article focuses on what PHP web hosting is, the roles it plays in web hosting and what a user gains by using as opposed to other options.

What is PHP web hosting?

To understand what PHP web hosting is your news to define what PHP is. Originally named Personal Home Page, PHP was created as a programming language. Now it has evolved into something more including being integrated into other programming languages such as HTML and as well as other Content Management Systems.

PHP, currently known as hypertext processor, is an open-source and free scripting language that is used to build versatile and dynamic websites. Some, if not most, popular CMS use PHP as their language of choice as it allows easy manipulation and comes with a great number of features.

PHP Hosting

In a nutshell, PHP hosting means that the web host can read and execute anything PHP related. Seeing as it is a language that is server ended you may not be able to utilize the benefits of PHP if the web hosting does not support the same.

It is the dynamism of PHP that attracts most developers and even though it is executed on the server-side and cannot be appreciated in code for like in the case of HTML, the effects of the PHP development can be seen on the site. Platforms such as Joomla and X-cart utilize PHP and so benefit from the multiple plugins and extensions as well as attractive themes.

Top PHP web hosting

Before you can settle for and web host it is best to know who the contenders in this field are. There are several great options and this part of the article will focus on some of them.

A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting prides itself on being ahead of the game when it comes to PHP hosting. They have a variety of plans to cater to whatever stage of development your business is in. It comes with several versions with the latest being PHP 7.3. Some key features include:

  • User-friendly cPanel control
  • Free site migration
  • A free SSL certificate


A favorite among its peers, Bluehost is another PHP development option that fully supports the PHP environment and strives to maintain its quality services with the different versions it has to offer. Some of its best features include

  • Accommodates the MySQL database
  • You can easily update to a version of you a choice


iPage is also another alternative that works to provide any PHP developer the hosting needs they require. It also comes with many features that include

  • Switching between versions easily
  • Access to MySQL database
  • Easily access and update the php.ini file at any stage of development

Benefits of PHP

Now that we are relatively acquainted with PHP development and web hosting, it is time to look into some of the advantages of choosing it in hosting.


This is the most obvious benefit for a PHP developer. As stated earlier PHP is an open-source language and it is also free to use. The cost of developing a website will be considerably low with PHP.


Of you have worked with WordPress or Woocommerce then you realize the importance of PHP. It is a very versatile scripting language and can easily work within such a platform as well as conform to any device be it a PC or mobile. You can customize and come up with bespoke website products that can be viewed across the board.


Nothing beats a fast loading website. It is quite frustrating when a web page has a snail’s pace. With PHP you do not have to worry about that. Since it is not a load to the server, the lightness ensures that any webpages load in record time.


Any PHP developer can tell you the ease in which it is to work with PHP. Apart from the language is relatively easy to comprehend, as stated above, you can easily integrate it into other languages such as CSS and HTML with no additional prompts.

Works with a variety of databases

A lot of sites require information from the user or customer and that is where a database comes in. MySQL is a common database which also happens to be compatible with PHP. Favorably, PHP is also compatible with other databases if you are not a MySQL.


As a PHP developer, hosting is not just an option but if you want to establish a memorable presence in today’s online market then there is no doubt that it should be a must in your to-do list. As you can see from the description above that you can accommodate a lot on a web page without having to dig deeper into your pocket. For the best experience for you as well as your clientele it is best that you consider PHP web hosting. Make it part of your growth.

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