The biggest advertising trends ruling current digital platform

The biggest advertising trends ruling current digital platform

A super-fast mobile web, ad technology and Artificial Intelligence (AI) knows about us better than our immediate kin which means digital marketers have plenty to get excited about this year. Let’s explore some of the greatest digital advertising trends steaming up the industry and paving a path for tomorrow.


Omni-channel approach

Today we’ve internet, magazines (both print and digital version), smart devices, televisions and flexible business setups. All of this has transformed the traditional one-stop-shop concept into a full-scale digital journey where customers get to interact with the business directly in a lot of different ways and through multiple platforms.

The shift has taken the form of ‘omni-channel’ marketing that’s focused on providing a unified experience across all channels. For those brick-and-mortar forms of businesses nowadays having a website, it’s obvious of you to expect convenient transfer between the website to a storefront that has to be as easy as possible.

Take for example seeing a product on television, place an order through mobile following desktop research, have it prepared/ready at the store and delivered to your doorstep. Most of the globally acclaimed brands today emulate the Omnichannel model thereby bringing together desktop, mobile and complete digital experience.


The Google AMP & ALP

In many developing countries, users are blessed with the internet speed five-times greater than the average which redefines the mobile retail experience by loading a website in mere seconds. As an attempt to speed-up mobile web across the board, Google introduced the AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) last year and recently for the ads and landing pages.

The framework let designers create lighter pages at super-fast speed including AMP HTML, JavaScript and CDN. When correctly created, these pages can load in fraction of a second, much easier to find on the internet and have the advantage of prominently featuring on top of the SERPs.


Adding landing pages

Indeed, landing pages became a far more popular marketing tool during the past few years and recent research concluded that the trend is here to stay for longer. The very factor marketers nowadays are seeing more success is with the whitepapers and e-books whereas landing pages are the first point-of-contact where users and businesses land to acquire all such services in exchange for name, email addresses and even payment if asked.

These are often considered standalone web pages with powerful and appealing elements to retain users by giving them a dimension of social proof and benefit-oriented to visitors, promising actual conversions. This can be a powerful inclusion to almost every step of your funnel.


Out-stream video

A new genre of ad format which allow the publishers to display their advertisements outside of the actual video is known as out-stream video. These are in the form of text line breaks or appear in corner of a web page. Before these were introduced, brands were forced to run video advertisement campaigns prior-to and during the actual video right within a video player. Out-stream ads solve these problems by;

  • Allowing publishers to step ahead of just the video content
  • Expanded reach to advertisers
  • Even let internet users to ignore the ads



If yours is a top digital advertising agency in Dubai, better start practicing the above and stay ahead of the competition.

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