Why brown gift boxes look more attractive in packaging

Why brown gift boxes look more attractive in packaging

Brown gift boxes are the most versatile in functionality, sustainability, durability, affordability, and customization most attractively and affordably. Gifts hold a special place in people’s lives as they are not just a product or any other item but they hold very special sentimental feelings attached to them. Presenting a present to your loved ones ask for special packaging that must depict the love and care beneficiary has for the person they are giving present to. Gift packaging does not only protect the product but also show it off in the most versatile and attractive manner. Well, brown Kraft boxes are the best choice to create an outstanding and marvelous packaging as they come with a lot of benefits for everyone; giver, receiver, and the environment. How satisfying is it to consume something that fulfills your packaging needs in the most attractive yet sustainable and affordable way. Here are the reasons why Kraft boxes look more attractive than other packaging materials and you must consider them for any type of packing, whether it is a product packaging or a gift.


The best thing about custom packaging is that it is free of all the limitations or restrictions when it comes to giving a more personalized look. They are the best choice whether you need a regular square box or the most stylish pillow, gable, magnetic closure, or flip-open round box.

Kraft is highly adaptable to customization, thus gives the shapes, you name of, sizes that perfectly fit the product, and the designs that represent you in the best way. You can customize your gift cases like any other cardstock, cardboard, or corrugated cardboard in a more presentable and sustainable way.

You are free to choose the quality and strength according to your needs like any other expensive alternative such as white gift boxes.

Durable Attractive shapes 

The world we live in is all about the aesthetic. It helps in portraying the essence of the brand or the person or the occasion. An increase in the variety has made it difficult to break the monotony.

Die-cutting technique makes extraordinary elegant gift packaging using Kraft paper. So, there is no need to worry about the odd shapes of your present that are difficult to pack in regular cases. There are custom made magnetic closure encasements, window cut-out cases, flip-open cartons, cylindrical, gift boxes with lids or tube packaging, and many more that perfectly fit products like clothes, jewelry, and cosmetics, etc.

These shapes help in giving a different and overwhelming outlook on the products.

Brown gift boxes

Functional sizes 

Do not act like a bag full of air!

Packing products in an over-sized box is the worst thing a brand or a person can do when it comes to packaging. It does not only make your product more vulnerable to damage but also develops a misconception among the two parties.

Get extra-large gift boxes in attractive shapes for the product that does not fit in regular ones. The same goes for the products that are small and need customized sizes that perfectly fit the product, giving it a more professional appearance. Die-cutting gives small or large cookie gift boxes on customers’ demand to fit the accurate amount of product.


Kraft paper is the most adaptable to printing because of its texture and surface, also because of advanced printing technology that gives accurate colors in high-end quality.

There is not a single printing design that Kraft material cannot achieve such as;

  • Foiling
  • Embossing
  • Debossing
  • Gradients
  • Textures
  • Spot UV
  • Glossing

Whether you need a custom logo or personalized messages or names on your gift packing, these can be printed efficiently.

As durable as any other 

Stressing over shipping, well, do not! Kraft packaging is as durable as other alternatives when it comes to keeping the product safe from potential damage during shipping and weather conditions like water, moisture, mold, and excess heat if laminated in different finishes that also enhance the quality.



The most important reason what makes Kraft the most attractive than other alternatives is that they are Eco-friendly. It is the need of the hour to go sustainable with the choices we make because non-ecofriendly materials like plastic have caused irreversible damage to the environment we live in.

Brown gift boxes are made up of recycled paper or other natural resources that are bio-degradable and recyclable. The process that is used to manufacture brown packaging is free of bleaching and other chemicals, which reduces waste and pollution. Not only the raw material and the process but they decompose with natural bacterial activity.


Whether you are looking for mini gift boxes or something big, Kraft is the most affordable packing solution for all your needs. They are manufactured and sold in wholesale, which reduces their price to the lowest because of the order in bulk. The quality, functionality, durability is kept intact, keeping the need and demand of the customers. Make your gift packaging the most eye-catching without being stripped off of your fortune in wholesale. Be imaginative and creative with the shapes and designs as you are free to go out of the box with customization.

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