Can I Get Ultrafast Broadband In My Area?

Can I Get Ultrafast Broadband In My Area?

Home broadband has now become one of the most important amenities that the modern household needs – it’s something that we all use constantly and that we’d miss massively if it wasn’t available. The only problem with this is that poor quality broadband, whether that be in terms of speeds or strength, can be incredibly frustrating and cause major issues if you’re relying on the internet for work or entertainment. Ultrafast broadband offers lightning-fast speeds to your home, with speeds hitting a minimum of 300Mbps. You can find out more about Ultrafast Broadband below!

What Areas Is It Available In?

Firstly, you’ll want to find out if your area has access to Ultrafast Broadband – the service is becoming more and more widely available continuously, but there are still areas that don’t have coverage. Superfast broadband is now estimated to be available in 96% of areas in the UK,, however, Ultrafast is estimated to be available at around 11% of homes, so you’ll have to check with local providers to see who offers the best service for your location.

Most providers will have a coverage checker located on their website, which you can use to discover the different options that are available in your postcode.

Who Offers Ultrafast Broadband?

Many providers, including independent providers, offer Ultrafast broadband packages across the UK – the most widely available supplier is Virgin Media, however, you may find that in your local area they do not offer the Ultrafast service, however, an independent provider does.

When it comes to researching the packages that providers offer, it’s important to keep an eye on the facts and figures that are presented to you, as some companies define their ‘Ultrafast’ service to be different to the real definition. For example, Zen Internet, the UK’s largest independent provider, uses the industry standard of 300Mbps minimum download speeds for their Ultrafast service, however, BT defines their ‘Ultrafast’ to operate at around 100Mbps. That’s a huge difference in quality, so you’ll want to avoid falling for some of the misleading terminologies.

How Do I Get Ultrafast Broadband?

Once you’ve checked coverage in your area and found a deal that works well for you and your home, it’s time to get the installation process. Your new provider (if you’ve had to switch to find the best deal) will do most of the setup for you and you’ll be given a date for activation – this won’t be instant as Ultrafast broadband requires an overhaul in the way that the internet enters your home, meaning a technician will need to get involved. Ultrafast broadband uses FTTP cabling, which means Fibre To The Premises – this differs from standard fibre packages, which are FTTC, or Fibre To The Cabinet. This essentially means that rather than your broadband being fibre to the cabinet on your street then copper wired into your home, the Ultrafast package remains as a fibre connection all the way to your household, losing less speed in the process.

Ensuring that you’ve got the best broadband from your home can be a little confusing, but with the right information and support, you’re able to make the right decision. If you need any extra assistance, you can contact Zen’s award-winning UK customer service team to chat about any questions or queries you may have about Ultrafast broadband and.

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