What is a Cheap Dedicated Server?

What is a Cheap Dedicated Server?

Let us first understand what cheap dedicated server means. In a dedicated server, the whole server is leased by a single organization for their website, data or application. So dedicated server is necessarily private affair because it is only accessed by a single organization. So eventually there are many benefits of the dedicated server over a shared server. You can have many things from a dedicated server like greater reliability, security, enhances performance, flexibility, etc.which would be lacked by shared hosting.

A cheap dedicated server is no longer misconception. The days are gone where we have to disburse a big amount for a dedicated server. You can have cheap dedicated servers with all the features, but there are many things you have to take into consideration while choosing your plan. You will read here how one can have a cheap dedicated server Europe based plan for your organization.

How to choose the best cheap dedicated server in Europe?

There exist a huge market of a cheap dedicated server for Europe, so one can get obscure while searching for a plan which would fit best for their requirement. Consider the following points while choosing a cheap dedicated server Europe based plans.

Who need it?

If you have an existing shared hosting plan and grow faster with a large amount of traffic on it, complex application mounting on and want to look forward to more security and uptime guarantee then it’s time to get shifted to the dedicated hosting server. The dedicated hosting server has much more storage capacity, powerful processor and larger bandwidth.

Typically website like E-commerce companies, large international companies, popular publishers and blog sites, website having a large number of users using it goes for a dedicated hosting server. So if you are planning for such a kind of website or organization which would need these features you must go for dedicated servers.

Which type should be chosen?

It totally depends on your need. There are vast variety and customized plan available. The thing you have to do is analyze your requirements, then choose the plan which best suits you. There are many factors which has to be noted while analyzing your requirement. For example, there are two types of a dedicated server, Managed and Unmanaged dedicated server.

In managed dedicated server the server provider manages things like security check, maintenance of hardware, update of software and look after backups and storage. While in Unmanaged dedicated server the hosting provider will only provide the server storage and bandwidth. You need to take care of the configuration of everything from security and monitoring performance to maintaining hardware and software. So basically go for the type which suits best for you according to your need.

Security and Reliability

A dedicated server is very less susceptible to security threats like virus and malware. So if you are dealing with sensitive data and can’t afford to lose your data then you must choose dedicated hosting server with high-security features. Look for next-generation firewalls, malware and virus prevention, and spam filters. You should always be concerned about physical security, because if there is physical damage to the server provided to you then your website can go through malfunctioning.


When you are high with your traffic, an unexpected downtime will damage your organizational reputation. So it is very essential to get maximum uptime surety. Look for hosting provider which can provide 99% or more uptime guarantee. Better storage capacity and fine processor power enhance the performance of your server and website. If your site is having more number of downloads and uploads then get better bandwidth provided from hosting provider.

In shared hosting, the sudden hike in traffic of other website shared by you causes unexpected poor performance of your website. These things are easily avoided in the dedicated server as you are the sole player of your server. Also dedicated hosting server comes with a unique IP address so if you are sharing you are sharing your website with some spammer or pornography site then it adversely affects your rating, which doesn’t happen with a dedicated hosting server.

Software configuration

Flexibility, in concern with software, is more in dedicated servers. So can configure your software according to your need. You can choose your OS as WIndow, Linux or Ubuntu. You can have a complex application installed in a dedicated server which is useful for you.


You should not compromise with the support from your hosting provider even if you are buying a cheap dedicated hosting server. Technical glitches can catch you anytime so the technical support should be responsive and of good quality.

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