Resolving Doubt Between Chrome Remote Desktop And Remote Desktop Protocol

Resolving Doubt Between Chrome Remote Desktop And Remote Desktop Protocol

The development of technology has been so rapid that it is often termed that today’s technology might end up being tomorrows junk. This is the current situation of the development, it’s been so quick that people often miss some of the most important updates and only know about them after they have become a junk. One of these technological advances is known currently as chrome remote desktop. Here is a short description on what is the difference between chrome remote desktop and remote desktop protocol. This will help one clear all the confusion raised from hearing about them

Chrome remote desktop

Chrome remote desktop is one of the most known breakthrough made by google. It allows the users to get remote access to their computers. All what is required is the latest version of the operating system and google chrome with their remote desktop plugin installed. Once these are updated to the latest version and the system is connected to the internet it can be controlled from any mobile devices or another computer. The user needs to install another software on the controlling devices and they are in. this allows one to control the system completely from the phone. The user can control the system either through touch from the phone or by connecting an external keyboard and mouse. This method has many advantages as this software is the only one which is free to use in these systems. Another advantage is the small size and the ability to control a large amount of systems from a single email connected account.

Remote desktop protocol

Remote desktop protocol is the set of rules that are needed to be obeyed by the different remote desktop software makes to get approved by the Microsoft and the regulatory. RDP was created by Microsoft to facilitate a safe and secure way to transfer the data live from a device to another. One of the main advantages of having and buy RDP is the ability to use multiple remote desktop applications to stream live to another device. There are only a few manufacturers and software’s that are certified to have RDP built in. to get a device that have built in RDP one can buy RDP online from the Microsoft stores.

Features of RDP

  • High colour support

Having the ability to get the perfect colour ratio even over the internet is something that is considered as revolutionary. Most of the competition only supports up to 32 bit colours while RDP supports 64 and above colours.

  • Audio support

RDP is the only protocol which has found the simplest way to transfer audio over the air without any delays and distortions. The data transfer for the audio is very minute as is able to be combined with the video transition without compromising the quality of both audio and video.

  • Cheap to get

RDP supported devices are very easy to get as they have become one of the most common and integrated part of many systems , most of the system these days don’t even need to buy RDP accessories or hardware to use them as they are built in with the system. And for those who don’t have the hardware they can get cheap RDP accessories easily.

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