Cloud-based Leave Management System a Futuristic Approach to Streamline the Process

Cloud-based Leave Management System a Futuristic Approach to Streamline the Process

The awareness of the cons of conventional systems is increasing day by day and also the benefits that are provided by the full-fledged technologically efficient leave management system. These are minds which are still stuck in the use of a conventional system. The system was more like stopgap than a solution that resolved the problems faced in the management of the employees’ data and processes. Today, in the modern era the life is more like bullet trains, using the slower means will hinder the phase of progress, and thereby adoption of the new method and means becomes necessary. Leave management system is one such advance solution that streamlines the processes and saves the manager a lot of time that they invested previously in completing the manual task. The fraudulent means to get paid can be eliminated by overcoming the loopholes of the conventional system; it also eliminates the managerial favouritism that allows some employees to have leaves that are never recorded in the system. Various technologies have been implemented in the system like cloud technology, artificial intelligence, mobile compatibility and more that makes it a must-have to ease the leave management.

Anytime, Anywhere Access

With the evolution in technology, the ease of the process became a requirement along with the feasibility of accessing the data from anywhere, anytime form any device. Cloud technology made it possible for the business to access the employees to leave data whenever required. Standalone system restricted the use of the system and also the access was enabled for the specific time as per the work hours of the employee and manager. Not just providing the data at the fingertips, it is also cost effective for the company as it provides the flexibility of pay per use; hence, the utilization of the facilities provided is done effectively.

Optimized Reports and Report Generation

The reports are the heart of analysis at it gives the managers sight to employee data to find the patterns and anomalies. It gives detailed reports that are as per the requirement of the manager or the company’s policy. Configurability factor in reports helps a lot as the template reports have much lesser data to display than the need of the manager’s analysis. The manager and employee can generate the report as per their need. The in-depth insight provides the information of the poor leave management, and it’s an effect on the work that has induced work completion delay. The analysis of the policy effectiveness can also be done by analysis the leave data of the employees and also the amount of work they do.

Employee Self Service Portal

On the contrary, to the conventional system, the employee self-service portal gives various advantages to the managers as well as employees. The portal provides the dashboard to view the leaves taken by the other employees to plan to leave effectively. They also have the easy acknowledgement of the leave accruals and leave balance by checking out the data in the portal often. The portal provided facilities like placing a leave application, generating pay slip and also getting various leave information. It takes much time to complete the tasks manually, especially the leave approval in the workflow as the application may get stuck in any hierarchical level and induce delays. Instead, the leave management system notifies the managers in approval flow hierarchy of the pending approval for the actions to be taken instantly. The manager also has the data of the departmental or team leaves to consider the decision of approving the pending leave keeping in mind the effect of it on the work.

Enhanced Leave Type Management

Leave types are complex to define and manage, conventional not just increase the complexity of the task but also does not provide the feasibility to delete or modify the leave types easily. Leave management system provides the matrices which already consist of the mandatory leave types and criteria that are as per the central and state government policy. These matrices also have the facilities that enable the employer to new leave types or criteria as per the company policy. These matrices can be easily updated or modified in case of any changes in the policies.

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