5 Important Cloud Security Controls You Should Implement in Your Systems
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5 Important Cloud Security Controls You Should Implement in Your Systems

5 Important Cloud Security Controls You Should Implement in Your Systems

Cloud protection is one of the strategies that secure cloud storage environments, data processed in the cloud, and programs that operate in the cloud. With more than 90% of organizations adopting cloud infrastructure, robust protection has become indispensable for them. So, what’s the solution? The first step you can take is to get in touch with experts, like Sonrai Systems, to resolve issues. Plus, there are a few steps that you must implement for cloud security controls.

Check the Security Offered By Your Cloud Service Provider

Due to the cloud’s security threats, security should be a primary consideration when selecting a service provider. The security of data is not just your problem. As a cloud service company, your partner must ensure that you build a stable cloud infrastructure and accept accountability for data security.

Encrypt Your Data

There are several ways to use encryption, and these may be offered by your cloud service provider or a separate Cloud Security Controls solutions provider:

  • You can encrypt your communications with the cloud in its entirety;
  • You can only encrypt susceptible data, such as your account credentials;
  • It is also possible to ensure end-to-end encryption of all data uploaded to the cloud and encrypt even downloads so that no one outside can access any point of your communication without your encryption key;
  • You can encrypt the data yourself before saving it to the cloud or use a Cloud Security Controls service provider that encrypts it as part of the services it offers you.

For this, either you can hire an internal technician or help an agency such as Sonrai Systems to protect the otherwise vulnerable data. 

Cloud Storage and File Sharing

You would want to think about how you distribute your data inside your organization and whether others might access your details. Sharing files with clients on Google Drive or another website may be a comfortable and straightforward way for clients to collaborate with you. Still, it is essential to handle permissions correctly. What if separate clients have access to each other’s files (or worse, changed them)?

Securing Credentials

As the One Login hack in 2017 shows, AWS credentials are not popular among users. They are revealed online through public sites, source code databases, and other similar platforms. It would help if you regarded AWS control keys as handy keys and trained developers to prevent leaking them. Develop tickets for each external organization with an emphasis on limiting access through privilege. Ensure the keys are not set to have broad privileges.  

Take a Shift-Left Approach

The shift-left initiative supports protection issues being resolved early in the production phase, rather than once the plan has been finalized. “Companies can not only inspect their IaaS services, but they must also check any code accessing the program before it goes live. Through shift-left tracking, you spot potential malfunctions before they become an issue.

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Wrapping Up

It doesn’t matter how big your data infrastructure is until it’s protected from malicious attacks. All loopholes in data infrastructures need due care, and any scope to cyberattacks needs quick attention. So, it’s highly recommended to use a security service platform like Sonrai Systems to avoid any significant data loss.

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