Cloudnet360 Help Your Big Ideas

Cloudnet360 Help Your Big Ideas

Cloudnet360As Steve Jobs would say, “Details matter, it’s worth waiting to get it right”.

The most successful people know the secret to real success is in the details.

Maybe that’s where profits first became associated with evil because “the devil is in the details” and he must be seated next to “profits” because “the profits are in the details” as well.

There are multiple lessons I’ve learned over the last 12 years of software development creating the CloudNet360 sales and marketing automation system:

1. Great new features are only “great” to some people while others don’t even care.

2. 1 bug in the release of 10 new features will offset all the goodwill of all 10 of those features… even when there’s no price increase to receive the benefits.

3. User interface (UI) matters. People do judge a book by its cover.

4. 1 Extra click in a commonly used process will wear down customers like a constant drip wears down the mightiest stone.

5. Simplicity trumps flexibility.

I would have added “ignore customers with huge ideas” to the bullet point list but the people reading only the bullet points are also the people that would never agree with this statement.

It’s the people reading this far, deep into the details, that I like to listen to because when they complain about something missing, something incomplete, something illogical in the process… those are the people that truly make a product great and easy to use.

The “detail focused” features and process changes have stood the test of time, and contribute to the separation of performance between CloudNet360, while the “grand ideas guaranteed to bring in swarms of new customers” are the ones we’ve removed because nobody uses them and they simply add “clutter” into the product.

Our company mantra has become “give me 1 process that works great” because 2 mediocre options are never as good as 1 highly refined process flow.

What about you?

Are you adding new SKU’s to your mix, new features into your product, non-stop “updates” to your website? Maybe it’s time to step back and examine your “details” and remove all that evil clutter – your customers will thank you for it!

Gary Jezorski
PS Unless you’re selling software, you shouldn’t be thinking about software… it should be something that just “works” and is so reliable that it fades into the background.

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