Data Analytics Tools – Online Marketing Strategy

Data Analytics Tools – Online Marketing Strategy

Every organization needs an output measurement of a work done by the employees. If an organization is related to online marketing it may check the output that is being driven by the employees. For keeping a check on activities related to online marketing, Data Analytics Tool has been derived. These tools help in collecting data, analyzing, delivering information and predictions so that the result can give accuracy and refined output.

Each sector is now adopting these tools to carry the work smoothly and present the result in a positive way. These tools have allowed them to counter all those hurdles which are undertaken by the companies and provide a best possible solution. These tools are basically made to provide a refined and accurate solution or database through which a high generation of income can be seen.


There are various Data Analytics Tool that help individual and organization to keep a check on the online marketing strategy.

Tableau Public: This tool helps in data visualization to the web. It can be shared through social media as well as email. This has brought a change in analyzing data through visual means. It also lets bloggers publish data visualization helping readers to dig in and get an interactive post. Tableau is also updated with mapping functionality in which it helps in plotting latitude and longitude coordinates. User can easily explore with the app and can create stunning visualization. As of now tableau public and google sheets are linked with each other this will enable to access data wherever it is stored.

RapidMiner: Formerly known as YALE (Yet Another Learning Environment) was developed in 2001 by Ralf, Ingo and Simon at AI unit of Technical University of Dortmund. It gives an integrated environment for business analytics, data mining along with commercial and business application. It gives an opportunity to data science teams to explore the digital world through source platform for data preparation, machine learning and model deployment. It is basically used as client/server model offered as either on premise or on public/private cloud infrastructure. Competing with SAS and IBM, RapidMiner claims to be the market leader in providing software for data science platforms.

NodeXL: It is one of those best tools which give statistical data analysis of social media network data importers, advanced network metrics and automation. It is mainly used for the users who have little knowledge about programming that allows them to collect, visualize and analyze a variety of networks. It can help in importing social media data from e-mail, Twitter, You Tube and other social networking sites. Including features like Data import, Data Representation, Graph Analysis, Graph visualization makes it the best tools to empower the growth in any work performances.

OpenRefine: This is a data cleaning software engaged for everything ready for analysis. It can transform data from values to other formats whether normalizing or de-normalizing. It enables parsing of data from websites as it has a URL fetching feature of DOM Engine and HTML Parser. OpenRefine helps in cleaning messy data that can be edited to generate clean data structure. It is similar to that of spreadsheet application where it can work; however it is more inclined towards database.

Google Operators: It is undeniable powerful tool that instantly filters Google result and provides unique, genuine and relevant information. Google operator not only indexes and caches web pages but also provide snapshots in form of PDF, Word Documents spreadsheets and so on so forth. The very main purpose of google operator is to provide text in openly accessible documents as offered by web servers such as images or data contained in database.

Exploring with these tools will allow the marketer to keep an eagle’s eye on the performance of the employee and will provide a major feedback from clients point of view to tackle the hurdles. Each segment is clearly defined and is now working in the same pace to counter those. As this is the high end tactics used to calculate measure and refine the results, this acquires large employment in this field. Technology is now providing various means to get the work done in simple and most progressive way.  There are various job opportunities under Data analyst category. Job seeker can easily find Better Jobs in Data Analyst profile by searching on Monster India Job Portal. By registering free to this job site one can easily upload his/her resume and apply for the concerned job and can get the result. Candidates can also upload their resume and can get free job alerts at regular intervals.

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