Dynamics 365 Business Central vs. Dynamics 365 CRM

Dynamics 365 Business Central vs. Dynamics 365 CRM

Choosing between the applications of Microsoft Dynamics 365 can be a challenge. While some have common features that often overlap, it is important to know which version would be optimal for your business. Therefore, special attention is given when selecting Dynamics 365 CRM and Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Introduction To Dynamics 365 & CRM Dynamics 365 Business Central

The Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM comprises the cloud-based relationship management option for constructing the applications. In addition, the 365 sales application, one of the most popular versions, helps companies qualify leads and manage different sales opportunities to build long-lasting customer relationships.

The Dynamics 365 Business Central, on the other hand, is your cloud-based ERP option for SMBs. The basic design enables businesses to manage their processes such as shipping, manufacturing, financials, services, and much more. In addition, business Central incorporates Relationship Management to support the sales activities.

While there might be some similarities in the functions of both products, companies buy these versions individually to assist with their company management.

Can Dynamics 365 Business Central Aid in CRM?

The basic management options provided by Dynamics 365 Business Central allows the clients to manage their contacts, segments, interactions, sales options, marketing campaign, etc. With the help of Business Central, the company can turn prospects into potential clients and enter their quotes to be turned into order through supply chain abilities.

While this might be satisfactory for some companies, Business Central doesn’t necessarily include all the abilities that Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM might offer. With Dynamics 365 CRM, companies can delve deeper into Outlook integration and solve complex business problems that might require better workflows. They can also achieve enhanced marketing automation, field services, and customer services. Not to mention that they are also provided with CRM features.

Which is the Best For You?

If your company wants to focus more on inventory, product management, financial management, and basic sales management, then Business Central is the right option. However, if the company focuses more on finding potential clients, tracking leads, and maintaining proper customer relationships, choosing Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM will be the right option.

However, there is an integrated option for users who want to manage different processes and optimize the operations and focus on marketing and sales. Hence, choosing this option will benefit the company from the sales and a management perspective.

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