EarFun Free True ANC Earbuds Review

EarFun Free True ANC Earbuds Review

Earbuds have been improved in terms of its design and specification. True wireless earbuds end the issue of cable tangling. Best earbuds have a comfortable fit design and offer the best sound output. Today, earbuds are flooded in the market hence you should be cautious when buying one. For you to get the best earbuds, check out on sound quality, design, and comfort.

EarFun earbuds are true wireless earbuds. These earbuds are available in white and black color. Moreover, they have an ergonomic design hence they will fit in your ear. These earbuds offer stable and reliable connections. It also comes with a compact charging case, hence it will be easier for one to travel with. Below is more information about EarFun true earbuds.

Design And Style

EarFun earbuds have an in-ear design. It is available in white and black color. The earbuds have a smooth finishing which makes it attractive. Additionally, the outer surface of the earbuds and on the top of the charging case lid is branded. These earbuds have a tear-drop shape hence it will fit in your ear. The charging case has a pill shape design and it’s compact hence suitable for carrying.

This charging case is made of plastic material. Furthermore, it has four LED lights which will light to show charge level & status when it’s opened. Additionally, the earbuds also have a light that will show the connection status. Each of these earbuds has a single button. Moreover, these buttons are topped using rubber. This makes them comfortable when pressing.

The ports of this charging case are labeled R (right earbud) and L (left earbud). This will prevent confusion when storing earbuds. Moreover, the earbuds are also labeled R for use with the right ear and L for use with the left ear. The earbud and the charging case has a magnetic attraction which makes it stay.

Sound performance

EarFun earbuds offer a HI-FI stereo sound. These earbuds come with double 6mm graphene speakers. The speakers give out incredible audio quality which has a deep bass. Moreover, it also offers crystal-clear treble. Furthermore, the earbuds have a well-balanced audio profile. The deep bass performance makes it suitable for bass genres.

Like other in-ear earbuds, EarFun earbuds have an amazing frequency response. This means that they do well all through even with different users. Additionally, with the help of Bluetooth version 5.0, the connection will be fast. As a result, there will be a low latency.

Noise cancelling

EarFun earbuds come with a built-in MEMS mic. These microphones help in noise cancellation thus you will enjoy crystal-clear music. Moreover, you will also enjoy hands-free phone calls. Additionally, the earbuds offer a tight fit hence noise from outside will be blocked. This will allow you to have immersive sound experience.

Waterproof Rating

EarFun earbuds have a waterproof rating of IPX7. The earbuds are protected by an innovative SweatShield Tech. It seals all the internal circuits. This means that the earbuds will be protected from every single drop of sweat or water. Furthermore, this property makes these earbuds suitable for use when surfing or kayaking.

Battery Performance

EarFun wireless earbuds come with in-built rechargeable batteries. When the batteries are charged, they offer a continuous music play of 6 hours. Moreover, the product comes with a charging case that offers an extra 24 hours of playtime. Thus you will have a total playtime of 30 hours when the volume is 50% or below.

This charging case has two charging options. You can use a USB type C cable which is provided or the wireless charging pad. Wireless charging is more convenient. A quick charge of 10 minutes will give you a playtime of 2 hours. Additionally, these earbuds take 1.5 hours to be charged. With the four LED indicators, you will know the power status.

It is always important to ensure that the earbuds are dry before putting them in a charging case. Water or sweat can cause short-circuit which can damage your earbuds when charging.

Bluetooth Connections

EarFun earbuds are wireless. Thus you will connect to them via Bluetooth connection technology. The earbuds are fitted with Bluetooth version 5.0 chipset. This will offer stable and fast connections. Furthermore, these earbuds have high-resolution built-in decoder & AAC/SBC sound coding-technology. This offers excellent Hi-Fi sound which has low latency. Additionally, these earbuds offer stable connections within a range of 15 meters.

Comfort Level

EarFun wireless earbuds come with three pair’s ear tips. These ear tips are of different sizes hence you will choose the pair which is comfortable to your ears. Moreover, the ear tips are made using soft material hence no pain will be experienced. These earbuds will offer a secure and comfortable fit. They will stay firm even when in active workout.

Additionally, the earbuds are lightweight hence you can use them for long hours. The charging case has a compact size. This makes it easy to carry around. The case is designed in a way that you will open the lid. Moreover, the earbuds are also effortlessly removed from the charging case.

Ease of use

Each of these earbuds has a physical button. The button will allow you to manage calls and music. Moreover, the earbuds are also fitted with an intelligent voice-assistant feature. This feature will allow you to control the mobile device & pick up calls hands-free. Each of these earbuds can be used. Above all, it, simple to connect these earbuds with other media devices.


  • Its IPX7 waterproof
  • Supports wireless charging
  • Operates with Bluetooth 5.0, stable connections
  • Has incredible sound output
  • Comes with intelligent voice-assistant


  • The charging case is made cheap Plastic

What’s in the box?

  • A pair of EarFun earbuds
  • A compact charging case
  • A charging cable, USB-C
  • Three pairs of ear tips (small, medium, large)
  • User guide


EarFun come with an ergonomic design with affordable price for cheap wireless earbuds users. This makes it have a snug fit. Moreover, you can choose which ear tip suits your ear from any of the 3 pairs. Bluetooth 5.0 offers more stable connections. Additionally, the charging case is compatible with more convenient wireless charging.

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