Why Enterprise Mobility Solutions is important in the banking Industry

Why Enterprise Mobility Solutions is important in the banking Industry

After internet, websites, cloud technology, there is another new term in the business world, that is, Enterprise Mobility Solutions. More and more multinational companies are showing interest in this advanced technology. How is it important to the present business market? Does it really have any significance in the banking industry? Let us explore the facts and features of Enterprise Mobile Solutions.

What is Enterprise Mobility Solutions?

Enterprise Mobility is a new work approach in which employees can accomplish their tasks using any electronic device. Use of enterprise mobility generally refers to smartphones and tablets. For example, an employee can prepare a presentation on his desktop, store it in a cloud storage and then download it in his tablet to present before the clients. This whole process is known as Enterprise Mobility.

Which are the Enterprise Mobility Tools?

Enterprise Mobility Solutions caters to wide range of customers and hence there are several EMM suites available in the market. Some of the most popular tools are:

  • AirWatch by VMware
  • MobileIron, a standalone EMM company
  • XenMobile by Citrix
  • MaaS360 by IBM
  • Good Secure EMM Suite by BlackBerry

Why is it important in the banking sector?

  • Easy on-field operations:

Now-a-days customers are too busy to visit banks and get information. Banking is now more door to door service. This means your banking service agents need to keep all information, offers, terms and conditions handy. Enterprise Mobility helps agents keep all data ready to be shown to customers. Even online documentation is possible these days.

  • Quick Solutions:

Speed is the key to success these days. If you want to get an edge over the competitors, you must be quick. Enterprise Mobility increases the tempo of operations as it enhances data collection speed. You can take faster decisions and cater to customer needs instantly without waiting for the start of next day working hours.

  • Enhanced Workforce Productivity:

Have you ever calculated how much time your team spends in collecting and storing data? As the customer base increases, the amount of data increases. Enterprise Mobility is an efficient data collection solution. As you can carry all the required software and banking solutions with you, data can be collected on a real time basis; this improves workforce productivity.

  • Better Crisis Management:

Banking sector is one of the most crucial services provided to the customers. It is very important to avoid crisis and take adequate safety measures instantly to avoid any financial deadlock. This is the reason it is of utmost importance that events are reported as soon as they occur; this enables faster decision and customers can be made aware of any unpleasant situation instantly. This will not only help take preventive measures quickly but also make your bank more reliable to customers.

  • More Data Transparency:

Wherever you may be, as the manager or operational head of the bank you can have all details about the financial status of the all the branches anytime with Enterprise Mobility. This makes collaborations fast, less chances of data manipulation and more contributions of employees who are working from remote locations. No one seems far or detached with Enterprise Mobility.

  • More Availability:

Enterprise Mobility is another name for digital communication. Now with banking applications and websites you are more available and easily accessible to customers. It is easier to share knowledge and learning with customers by scanning data, recording videos and clicking photos.

  • Business Continuity:

Last but not the least; with Enterprise Mobility you can provide services at any point of time, from any place. This very important especially when you are providing critical service like banking. For example, if there is flood at Chennai with the help of Enterprise Mobile Solutions another branch of the bank which is located at any other city can carry on the business of the Chennai branch.

How safe is Enterprise Mobility Solutions?

The banking sector always needs to keep in mind the safety and confidentiality of the customer details. There are several mobile banking application developers in the market who can provide you with highly secure apps.

Who can use Enterprise Mobility Solutions?

From small financial institutions, medium to large banks, Enterprise Mobility Solutions can be used by any company. Just keep in mind the below factors before developing your mobile banking app:

  • Which electronic device is mostly used by your customers; mobiles, tablets or smartphones?
  • Which banking services they wish to avail the most?
  • What benefits they are looking for through mobile banking?
  • How far EMM is profitable for your bank?

Hence break the shackles of traditional center office work model and let your employees freely work anytime, anywhere with Enterprise Mobility Solutions.

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