Benefits & Features of Fabric Laser Cutting Machine in Garments

Benefits & Features of Fabric Laser Cutting Machine in Garments

Laser cutting is the new advanced technology used in many industrial manufacturing processes which reduces the need for machines on many industrial works, it also enables you to save the money.

Laser cutting has advantages over plasma cutting in usage. It gives precise cutting with less energy consumption. It provides perfect precision levels and edge quality compare to the traditional way of cutting. Even any complex design cutting can be achieved at a similar speed and fine edge shape without any tooling.

Laser cutting also allows us to do the cutting process even in small diameters holes with fine detail and good edge quality. There are three 3 types of laser cutting machine Co2 lasers, Nd(Neodymium), Nd-YAG(Neodymium-doped Yttrium Aluminium Garnet; Nd: Y3AI5O12) based on their wavelength. The CO2 lasers which have the wavelength of 10600nm are used in the garments for fabric cutting. They are easily absorbed by organic materials. The Young laser fabric cutting machine is designed as CO2 lasers which are widely used in the textile industries and home-based textile productions. The Young Laser cutting machine is available in different models having advanced technology features.

Working of Young Laser Fabric Cutting Machine:

The Design and working process of young laser cutting machine is made on the computer. Laser machine runs based on the information computed by the system. The Computer reads and guides the laser cutting machines automatically. It performs all the fine necessary cuts and produces the exact physical replica of the expected design.

Laser optics and CNC (Computer Numerical Control) operators generate the laser beam which is used to direct the material. Similarly, the motion control system follows the G-Code system to control the materials while cutting the pattern designs. In this process, the laser energy is generated by passing the current through a chamber of CO2. Whereas the laser energy continues to reflect until it occupies enough energy to escape as the stream of monochromatic coherent light.

The Young fabric laser cutting machine has a series of mirrors which collects and redirects the coherent lights to the lens. In the other hands, these lens reflects the light to the powerful laser beam. The system also includes the stationary gas laser, a cutting head with mirrors which reflects the laser beam on the cutting line. Altogether it has automated computer process which controls the entire system. Finally, it removes the cut parts from the conveyor as a single ply of fabric.

Materials Used in Young Laser Fabric Cutting Machines:

All the fabric materials are supported by this young laser fabric cutting machine. They are also used in different textile industries like upholstery, clothing, etc. The textile materials used in this fabric laser cutting machine are Fleece Soft Shell, Cotton, Felt, Silk, Linen, Lace Polyester, etc. All the materials cannot be laser equally. The laser application change based on the material type.

  • Synthetic and Leather material can easily adapt to laser cutting techniques. They are flexible and durable respond very well to the process.
  • Micro fibres like Polyester, nylon are melted by the laser beam power in control manner which in return produce fiber free, sealed edges. They provide precision cutting.
  • In case of organic fabric materials like cotton and linen, it acquires brownish dis-colored cutting edge while processing like wood. It is based on the tightens of the material, if the cotton is tight enough the laser cutting process is easy to acquire. But which can be compensated by selecting the correct lens, laser parameters, and compressed air.

The application used in the garment industry to process fabric cutting using laser cutting software is

  • Cloth Cutting and Hollowing
  • Engraving and Fine Holes Drilling
  • Engraving and Punching
  • Jeans Engraving
  • Fur Coat Engraving

Features of Young Laser Cutting Machine:

The Young laser cutting machine is available in different models like

  • Young Laser 1390
  • Young Laser 1610
  • Young Laser 1626
  • Young Laser 1626SC

These Young Laser fabrics cutting machine has many advanced features that can support all the garment industries.

Young Laser 1390 & Young Laser 1610:

CO2 Laser machine with CO2 Laser Spare Parts. It is installed with the compatible software like CorelDraw, AUTOCAD transmits directly, which provide automatic information process on the machine. The Engraving Speed of this young laser fabric cutting machine is Up to 36000 mm/min which covers the fabric area of 9008*1300mm. The fabrics cutting processed under the speed of 3600mm/min that acquires fine edge cutting rapidly with laser power of RECI 80W 100W 130W 150W. The operating temperature and humidity of this CO2 laser type are 5 DegC to 40 DegC and 5 to 95%(Free of Condensed Water) respectively. The base cutting platform used for this laser cutting process is Blade table or Honeycomb table which are controlled by the RD system using the power supply of AC 220V 50 Hz. The other optional parts of this young laser are Rotary system, Industrial Chiller, Autofocus system, Up-down table.

Advantages of Fabric Young Laser Cutting Software:

  • The young laser cuts with incredible speed and also maintains flexibility. It can be used in multidirectional cutting with accuracy finish.
  • They are fully computerized machine which contains fewer machine parts like conveyor and potting system. This reduces the task of machine wear and tear.
  • It supports the high degree of automation which has been widely used in the garments and leather industry.
  • It avoids the material distortions and warping in case of laser cutting since the laser beam process is mild on the fabrics.
  • The manual task is reduced and saves mechanical processing time. It never pushes the mechanical stress in the work area.
  • The laser system can enable complete fabric material width utilization, regardless of contradiction in width measurement. It can provide clean cuts and fabric edges as output without any material fraying.
  • They are capable of working on stretch fabrics. The single ply laser cutters in young laser fabric cutting machines work based on the color and shade rather than style.

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