Features in Your Uber Clone App that Ascertain Safety for its Users

Features in Your Uber Clone App that Ascertain Safety for its Users

When we speak of Taxi-booking, it has become very much synonymous with the word Uber. The brand is featured in over 600 cities and across 65 countries. Statistics reveal that Uber has almost 75 million passengers whose rides are taken care of by 3.9 million part-time and full-time drivers. The main reason for Uber’s unprecedented success was that the user-friendly mobile app provided a means of a comfortable yet safe trip for the rider base. Therefore, when developing a Uber clone script, we have to focus on several aspects apart from the primary safety, comfortableness and user-friendliness.

They are detailed below:

SOS button feature

The app users can avail this button to contact the police should an emergency occur. When this happens, the admin must also be notified regarding the happenings via the portal.

Verifying the driver’s background

When taking safety into account, it is very much mandatory to validate the drivers by subjecting them to a rigorous background check. This can help in identifying their past criminal activities and the such. The inspection must be carried out before the drivers are allowed to get registered in the portal. Ascertain that the drivers undergo the needed training before they register themselves with the app.

Drivers with First-aid and CPR expertise

It is mandatory to hire drivers who have excellent communication skills and insurance. But it is better to a step further ahead and hire those who have the expertise when it comes to CPR and first aid. Ensure that there is a first-aid kit with the driver. This will be very much effective if you want to launch an app like Uber, which wants to achieve a great deal of success.

Conducting rider-basedawareness programs.

When you conduct some events related to awareness for users, the rider base can be very well educated about availing a ride in a cab. Ensure that they get trained about safety measures as well.

Being notified to check details of the driver

When the driver profile is thoroughly scrutinized along with the reviews of his past trips, this can serve to be very beneficial for the customer base. Ensure to integrate the app with a reminder system that alerts the rider to check all the essential details of the driver like a photo, name etc. well in advance before availing the ride.


Ensure that you integrate all the above features when you develop an Uber-like app to establish a good name for yourselves and a better experience for the user base. But, app development for an Uber-like app from the ground up is indeed a tiresome and cost consuming process and thereby smartly opt for an Uber clone script which will come packed with marvellous features within it.

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Prawin Chandru is an entrepreneur at Uberdoo and also its Co-Founder. Uberdoo is a successful app development company based in Canada. Uberdoo has been effectively serving its customer base by developing robust clone scripts which help in creating clone apps that are tailor-made for its client base’s ever-varying requirements.

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