How to Fix Your Printer Printing Gibberish and Random Characters?
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How to Fix Your Printer Printing Gibberish and Random Characters?

How to Fix Your Printer Printing Gibberish and Random Characters?

Fix Your Printer Printing Gibberish and Random Characters

Every technology has its own problems and the same is applied to all the devices that are made implementing these technologies Printer Printing Gibberish Random Characters. Hence, it is quite clear that your devices can also fall in issues that are something that you are never going to understand.

This same happens with your printer device as well. Regardless of the brand of your printer, you must have experienced some day or other when your printer starts printing gibberish or random characters. This error is quite common with HP printers.

Besides full of thousands of features, HP printer also has some flaws and printing random characters is one of them. If you also own an HP printer, may you are also experiencing your HP printer printing junk characters.

If so, then you have come to the right web page. Today, in this article, we are going to learn the multiple solutions to eliminate this error. But before that, we are going to explain why are the causes behind this gibberish printing.

Why HP Printer Printing Random Characters?

One very basic thing required by your printer to print what you want it to print is to have proper communication with your computer system or PC, either using wires or networks. In the case, if your printer is keeps on Printer Printing Gibberish Random Characters and you are unable to find where actually the issue is, then in most of the times, the problem is with communication only.

This communication issue can either be because of faulty wires or unmatched drivers, damages ports, encrypted networks, not matching updates, network errors, or others.

Fixing HP Printer Printing Junk Characters

Solution No. 1 – Restarting

Well, no matter how much fun you make for this process, but this one is indeed the most effective and easy one. Although, it doesn’t work all the times, but restarting your printer, your computer system or laptop, your network adapter can actually resolve this problem with your HP Printer. The restarting basically deletes the cache present in the RAM of the system that has seen creating misunderstandings and hence such issues.

Solution No. 2 – Troubleshooting

If yours is the case where your printer is printing one gibberish line for each document it’s printing, then the probability of having a simple and small misunderstanding is quite high which is due to the error in the code of one of the devices. You can troubleshoot the problem following these steps:

Control Panel à Devices and Printers à Right Click à Select Troubleshoot

Solution No. 3 – Drivers

Another reason for this problem is faulty drivers. If either of the two devices has trouble with the drivers, the issues in communication can take place and thus the execution cannot happen appropriately.

For resolving this driver issues, you can visit the official website of the printer manufacturer, HP in this case and can check for the latest printer drivers available for your printer model. Download & install the latest one to your system.

You can do the same using following steps:

Start Menu à Device Manager à Right Click à Update Driver

Solution No. 4 – Clearing the Queue

Another reason for the occurrence of this error in HP printer can be because of long queue of errors as well. There are times when we confuse the printer by stacking up a lot of printer jobs in the queue and never followed that there have been errors on the way.

The queue can be cleared using the given below steps:

Start Menu à Control Panel à Hardware and Sound à Printers and Devices à Double Click à Canceling all Jobs

Solution No. 5 – Printing Differently

There are chances that for a particular software, the interpretation of a particular document is not always correct. One such situation can be when the encryption doesn’t fit and this being the reason your printer is printing one gibberish line each time.

You can resolve this issue by trying and opening the same document in another supportive software and then try to print the document.

Solution No. 6 Making A PDF

If you printer is not printing alphabets or letters and instead printing squares then this can be helpful for you. When you are trying to print either a Word document, an Excel file, a PowerPoint presentation or any similar kind of file, your printer starts printing random characters. You can eliminate this issue by converting your document into a PDF. This can be done following these steps:

File à Save As à File Type: PDF

Sometimes, the encryption of font doesn’t work the way is should and hence such an error takes place.

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