The Future of the Bionic Body

The Future of the Bionic Body

Growing up, the notion of robotic body parts was largely confined to the world of science fiction. Robotically-repaired humans have long been a troupe of that particular genre, with

some of the most famous examples coming in the form of Luke Skywalker’s metallic hand or the rather unimaginatively named Justice League member, Cyborg.

Amazingly, scientists have brought that world of the future to our very doorstep. The era of the robotic man is here.

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Exciting or what?

Just some of the developments which have been made include things like:

Lab printed bones

The advances made to 3D printers have helped scientists to create the very first artificially printed human bones. The bones would be a temporary replacement, dissolving gradually as the real thing grows around them.

Robotic leg

Connecting to your nervous system, this artificial limb would function with all the dexterity and flexibility of a real leg. Amazingly, prototypes are already in operation.

Brain replicas

Black Mirror eat your heart out. The brain is ultimately one massively complex computer. As such, it’s not a surprise scientists are working on a way to download and preserve it. It should be in operation by 2050.

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