Google I/O 2018 announces the amazing Google Assistance Capabilities for the IoT devices

Google I/O 2018 announces the amazing Google Assistance Capabilities for the IoT devices

Google I/O 2018 presented lot many amazing features and the most attractive ones among those is the Google Assistance for various IoT devices. The integration of the Artificial Intelligence into its line of products has made it possible for the users to have a humanistic feel.

Google Assistance is the next level of the Google now, with the help of which android users can enjoy two-way conversations, similar to SIRI of iOS. Out of the various features launched at Google I/O 2018, Google Assistance is one of its kind. The uniqueness of this features lies in being a great substitute for the human presence, making the user feel the device beyond a machine. Let’s look more about the Google assistance.

Google IO

1) Conversations made lively with continued conversations

With the help of continued conversations, the user can enjoy having a continuous talk with the Google as like a normal human being. Unlike, the earlier versions where the user need to say ‘Hey Google’, is not required in this latest version. At the beginning of the conversation, the user can just start saying ‘Hey Google’, then the remaining conversation can be made normally without the need to again call, ‘Hey Google’. For Instance,

User:  ‘Hey Google’, how is the weather today
Google:  Its going to be cloudy
User: will it rain today
Google: No
User:  How about tomorrow
Google: Tomorrow is also expected to be cloudy with little chances of raining at some places
User: Okay, so remind me tomorrow to take care of my pets

Though, the continued conversation of Google assistance seems to be amazing, but the only drawback with it is its incapability to receive complex commands.

2) Google Duplex

Google Duplex, the revolutionizing outbreak which helps in replacing the human. With the help of this Google duplex, one can fix the appointments. Google Duplex uses natural language understanding, text to speech and for making an outcome of Alphabet’s various investments over a long period of time. This assistance can understand the essence of the conversation. This feature is really very useful to the user as most of the businesses in US, say for about 60% of small scale business do not offer online booking of appointment. In such case, a person need to call to the particular firm and fix an appointment, which is now made easy with the help of Google duplex.

Not just fixing the appointment, but also, Google duplex also make sure of sending the confirmation notifications to the user about the appointment. This outstanding feature of Google, helps in saving lot of time of the user and has marked its role in various businesses.

3) Benefits of using of Google Duplex in various business

Performing the task to deliver the best services will be the main aim for most of the businesses. In companies, where sufficient staff is not available, Google duplex can help in fixing the appointments for delivering their services. For example, a business firm is on developing solutions for various IT issues, it will focuses on delivering the best solutions, on the other hand, the programmer can just direct the Google duplex to fix the appointment with the client for demonstrating his work.

4) Can Performs multiple task at same time

The humanistic feature of this Google assistance can be seen at extracting multiples task from a single command. In other words, thought the user gives multiple task for the Google assistance in a single command, the Google assistance is able to understand the complex command and breakdown into the individual commands, and performs as desired by the user.

For example,

User: ‘Hey Google’ lower the AC temperature to 18OC and turn on YouTube

Google Assistance: Sure, AC temperature has been lowered to 18OC and YouTube is turned on.

This is a complex task because, the Google assistance need to understand where to cut the command and which to take. If the Google assistance do not understand it properly, then it would not be possible to deliver such a perfection in delivering the task.

5) Integrating Multiple Tasks and continued conversation

Earlier, Google assistance can be applied for a coffee maker machine, now, this feature is boosted with the integration of multiple task and continued conversation. Where in, in the earlier versions, the user need to make step wise commands for getting his cup of coffee from the coffee machine using Google assistance, whereas now, using the integration of multiple task and continued conversation, the user can perform multiple task in a single step. For instance, the user can ask for making a cup of coffee and simultaneous can ask for switching off the lights.

6) Google is getting IoT devices closer to Artificial Intelligence

The various IoT devices which are in our day to day usage, are getting a human touch with the help of Artificial Intelligence. Google is putting its best efforts in making this possible. The improvisations of the Google assistance and the integrations of the continued conversations and such help Google in making artificial intelligence closer to the various IoT devices which we are using in our day to day lives. It is not exaggerating to say that Google, is no doubt expand its penetrance into our lives through its applications in various devices which we use in our every walk of our lives.

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