Parents Should Be Aware of the Harms of the Latest Technology

Parents Should Be Aware of the Harms of the Latest Technology

Technology has come a long when it comes to development and betterment. Human life has changed to a large extent because of technology and the innovation people have brought into the tech world. We can buy things online without carrying money. We can talk to anyone in other parts of the world which was just a dream a few years ago.

Harms of the Latest Technology

In just a decade, smartphones have become a new normal and everyone seems to be carrying a phone in their hand. Kids and adults are using social media and other websites. The Internet has become better and faster than ever. A lot more is yet to come which will be even more impressive than what we have today. But there is one other side of technology which people usually ignore. That is the dark side of technology.

Possible Harms of Latest Technology

There should be no doubt that technology has come with several dangers and harms for the kids and teens. It is not possible for the people and particularly parents to deal with these things. We need to use new technologies to deal with these issues and challenges. But first, we should know what kind of harms the new and latest technologies are carrying for the children. Let us explore these harms.

Cell Phone Addiction

More than 90% of kids in many parts of the world use smartphones. They also have internet access. Many of these also use social media and there are millions of others who are on the dating apps too. It has been seen that technology has made kids and teens addicted to the screens. It is the worst thing which has happened to the new generation. Parents are unable to deal with this issue.

Sexting and Cybersex

When the teens and kids have smartphone, internet and use dating apps- one thing is sure that they are doing sexting. Many teens’ girls are also trapped in the cybersex situation that is increasing at an Alarming Rate. Actually, all these issues have been created by the new and latest technologies. Due to sexting, kids lose self-confidence and have mental health issues. Kids are not doing better in their studies as compared to the kids of the past.

Drug Addiction in Teens

It has also been noticed technology leads to drug addiction. E-cigarettes are just one example which is popular in children and teens. Apart from this, millions of kids start using drugs when they see their fellows and peers enjoying drugs. Furthermore, phones and internet help them connect with the dealers who provide the drugs regularly without anyone’s knowledge. This is the worst thing which has happened to kids so far.

Social Media Use

Without any doubt, it can be said the new generation is addicted to the internet and social media. Kids spend 6-7 hours on social media sites where they are exposed to porn and adult content. Bullying and trolling are other harmful things which occur to the kids on these sites. When we analyse, it becomes clear that it is the technology that has ruined the generations and left the kids of nowhere. Parents have no idea what to do.

Social Media Use

Bullying and Trolling

When kids and children use social media and dating apps, they are more likely to face cyber bullying and trolling on these platforms. More than 50% of American kids have been bullied just on Facebook. The situation on other sites is no more different. The social media sites are the hub of bullying and trolling. This is even the worst issue for the parents of kids and teens.

Mental Health Issues

There should be no doubt that the use of new technologies leads to many health issues as well. For example, a child who uses the phone for many hours a day is exposed to phone radiations. These radiations are dangerous for human health. Teens using social media are losing confidence. Even teen girls are facing depression because of social media sites. Excessive use of the internet leads to body shaming challenges and other problems. The mental health of teens is ruined because of new technologies.

Dealing with the New Technology Harms

So far we have talked about how the new technologies are damaging the kids and ruining their lives. Now it is imperative after discussing the effects, we should also talk about the possible solutions and ways and means to deal with this. Below are some suggestions that will help the parents.

Parents should use spyware app. There is no other way to deal with the harms and dangers of new technologies. Many good parental control apps are available in the markets which make the best spy app for the users. With these apps, the parents will be able to keep eyes on their children. For example, they can check how many hours the kids use smartphones and the internet.

The spy apps come with many other useful features like location tracking. Monitoring social media is easy with spy apps. It is very much the need of the hour that parents check the social media use of their children. They should also check their internet history to find out what they do and what kind of websites they visit.

When this information will come to the parents, only then they can take serious measures and steps to prevent the harms and dangers of the new technology in their kids. That is why using spy apps are the most important thing for parents.

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