DiSTI’s HMI Development Tools and Turnkey Solutions For Simulation and Training

DiSTI’s HMI Development Tools and Turnkey Solutions For Simulation and Training

The prime challenge faced by the aviation industry in the current times concerns cockpit design that is responsible for controlling how to present information to the pilot, automation design, assigning tasks, and dividing the task of flying between humans and computers.

The DiSTI Corporation is the leading solutions provider for global industry leaders in the Aviation industry. DiSTI’s specialized services cater to military and commercial customers facilitating seamless skill transfer and enhanced knowledge retention while offering experiential training in real-time. 

DiSTI’s HMI software development tool, GL Studio®, allows for rapid prototyping of complex avionics displays aiding in seamless interaction between training simulators and production aircraft. Ranging from flight simulators to virtual maintenance training, The DiSTI Corporation has been a prime subcontractor for over 25 years to some of the most extensive global programs for a vehicle, airframe maintainer, and operator trainers. 

GL Studio® Advantages

DiSTI’s HMI design software upscales the user experience through high-quality design and high performance while dramatically reducing production costs. GL Studio® empowers users to meet and exceed the safety requirements with a built-in Safety-Critical Code Generator applicable in Avionics, Aerospace, Medical, and Automotive applications. DiSTI’s line of services is ideal for source code for testing, validation, and verification.

GL Studio® offers 80% faster time to market with six times better runtime performance and 50% less CPU utilization. DiSTI’s HMI development tool, GL Studio®, is the first UI tool to achieve ASIL D, delivering the highest code reliability with lower lifetime program costs and absolute design flexibility.

  • Pre-Built Virtual Cockpits

GL Studio®’s targeted HMI development tools give your project a critical head-start with turnkey solutions designed to reduce project time while lowering significant development costs. With the help of DiSTI’s HMI development software, the pre-built turnkey cockpits can be integrated into your software designs with minimal effort. GL Studio® offers users the ability to modify as-delivered content for customization that fits their unique design needs.

With the growth in air traffic and the increasing development of new technologies, the cockpit environment must keep pace and be constantly improved to offer new functionalities to pilots.

To this end, simulators are developed to enable the display and pre-validation of new cockpit functionalities during flight tests. However, most of these simulators are overloaded due to the numerous maintenance assessments and revisions required.

  • Immersive Training

The simulation cockpits created using GL Studio® provide users with highly-realistic displays in 2D and 3D formats in an immersive training environment. DiSTI’s virtual cockpits enable users to:

  • Enhance training

Acquire basic and advanced skills through simulation training.

  • Maintain proficiency

Refine skills, reduce safety risks, and train effectively.

  • Mitigate risks

Train for scenarios, situations, and emergencies to assess and identify risks.

GL Studio® Customer Testimonial 

Howell Instruments Inc is the leading engine designing company that aims to enhance military and commercial aircraft’s cockpit engine instrumentation safety and performance. Howell has been a pioneer in developing accurate cockpit digital instruments since 1951. The company strives to envision and develop personalized solutions to enhance flight safety and operating efficiency.

The engine design giant aims for quality, innovative equipment in domestic and international markets through its diverse product line that ranges from airborne engine monitoring systems to portable test sets and engine trimmers.

Howell Instruments Inc has selected DiSTI’s HMI development tool, GL Studio®, to implement special software and display visuals necessary to develop real-time 3D human-to-machine interfaces. GL Studio® is a crucial software solution ideal for computer-based training, maintenance, and cockpit displays.

Combining the expertise of Howell Instruments Inc and DiSTI’s GL Studio®, the future of flight crew safety with innovative engine instrumentation systems can offer pilots critical situational awareness and immediate flight performance data.

Backed by GL Studio®’s Safety-Critical Embedded Code to build the enhanced visual display systems of the cockpit allowed Howell to engineer the AEI patented design for the UH-60 Black Hawk. GL Studio®’s high fidelity output, outstanding graphics, and real-time playback performance empowered Howell to curate a system for military personnel with the best resources and subsequent possible outcomes.

GL Studio® is the critical feature enabling Howell to integrate the aircraft’s essential piloting features seamlessly: Enhanced Digital Source Collector, Multi-Function Central Display Unit, and Multi-Function Pilot Display Unit work cohesively. GL Studio®’s SCEC++ code generation application allows AEI to offer a compact memory footprint for ultimate portability with increased pilot efficiency and unbeatable reaction performance.

The AEI delivers real-time performance and mission management, dynamic hover and cruise torque targets, critical in and out-of-ground power settings, and the overall enhancement of each display unit.

The GL Studio® tool enables the pilot and central display units to access real-time performance data and one-engine inoperative data, digital map view capability, FLIR or TVS capability, maintenance and mission planning data, and several other enhancements.


The DiSTI Corporation is a powerhouse of intuitive object-oriented interface design tools that empower professionals in any industry to create state-of-the-art reusable 2D and 3D graphical user interfaces for simulation and safety-critical applications.

Contact GL Studio today to learn more about our extensive library of virtual cockpits and custom training solutions.

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