How are Big Apparel Players Opting Mass Customization?

How are Big Apparel Players Opting Mass Customization?

Large-scale customization or Mass customization is a concept where the apparel manufacturer creates the presence, characteristics, and content of the product according to customer specifications and is a big deal for the extended period. It’s the need of an hour as per the futurist Alvin Toffler. Personalization master Joseph published a Seminole book in 1992 and 2000, in which he said that adaptation would change the main structure of the American economy.

Apparel Design Software

In these years, personalization has failed to meet the expectations. Apart from this, big brands have tried but fail in the customized offer so far. Levi offered a personalization from 1993 t0 2003, but with the help of product optimization software, it was not able to meet the expectations based on colors, style, and design. Dell used to be one of the big players in mass customization but somehow failed and said that the model is highly complicated and expensive to retain. Nowadays big brands such as Kraft, Hallmark, M & MS and Nike are offering mass customization as a whole. And various enterprises are selling products showing the value of large-scale customization for consumers and products.

We are in century where mass customization will ultimately approach to some customer-oriented categories for creating value for sellers and buyers alike.

See why?

Digital technologies that promote mass customization

The customer shapes your expectations through online lives. Customization plays an important role in enhancing digital experiences for mobile applications like Pandora Internet Radio and Facebook from Google Maps. The increase in expectations can be accomplished through three trends, which will promote a large-scale optimized offer of products.

Supply chain technologies are enabling higher and effective production nowadays. Supply chain software encourages an effective customer’s flow with co-design efforts, as well as meets the production side based on creativity solutions.

Deploying today’s customer-facing technologies is easy and cheaper than that of others. Over the past few years, the total cost of developing customer-facing apparel design software has decreased. It is a fraction of the cost compared to a few years ago. Tomorrow’s customer-focused technologies will change, and allow the customer to prepare their best product and design rich product in bulk.

mCommerce as per consumer’s needs

It may be possible to get customer trust with the help of making predictions only. People who practice collective adaptation should think of buyers as a person, should consider future combinations that will echo and seek amenities as consumer expectations.

Manufacturing will come back to the United States of America and the European Union:

The way consumers are interacting with brands and products, large-scale production and large-scale adaptation based on the product design software

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