How Field Force Can Be Tracked Remotely?

How Field Force Can Be Tracked Remotely?

The responsibility of managing a field force comes with a basic challenge – The Lack of Transparency. That’s why the field service management industry is always on the lookout for solutions that can help them track the field team without making them play the role of a spy. 

To get clear visibility of what’s happening in the field without being physically present there, incorporating a field force tracker can be one of the best calls. Apart from this, there are multiple options that the field service management team can count on to track their workforce. 

To help you find the best solution to use for tracking the field force remotely, here we are mentioning some of the reliable ones:

Cloud Field Service Management Solution 

In the era of technology, the majority of field businesses are moving to cloud and field force management software. It helps them track everything and ensures that the field operations run smoothly. A typical field management software will offer tracking over both computers and mobile phones. 

Large amounts of data can be collected and stored on the cloud to be further analyzed to streamline the processes and make better decisions. With data readily available, field service businesses can anticipate how long a service call should take, identify recurring problems, and find the best, faster route for field personnel. Moreover, the software can empower businesses to run tests and diagnostics in real-time and make troubleshooting more effortless in the field.

Using A Smart Approach With Smartphones

Mobile phones are an impeccable way of getting and staying connected with the world. The same can be used by field service managers to stay connected with their field team and track their performance. Here’s how smartphones can help:

Use GPS tracking: The most obvious thing that a field manager is concerned about is the technician’s current location. Calling every employee, one after another, to ask where they are and what they are up to can be hectic and confusing. There are chances that the employees may fake their locations, making the task of tracking stand irrelevant on the ground.

The smartphones available in the market are backed with GPS tracking,  which can easily trace the particular person’s location at any point in time. All the technicians can log in as they become active, and the admin (manager) would get their location as they move from place to place.

Automation: With a real-time sales tracking system, the manager can automate the entire field process and trace the entire schedule of the technician from a single place.

Automation makes it super easy for field managers to get reports from their field team. It eliminates the task of calling them from time to time to fetch the progress report of interacting with an assigned lead. It adds a layer of transparency and boosts technicians’ productivity, resulting in increased revenue.

Benefits Of Incorporating Field Service Management Software

Improved Efficiency

Gone are the days when field managers used large files to document the daily work order details. With the increase in competition, relying on conventional methods or software can result in scheduling delays, inaccurate data entries, dispatching problems, and even high-costing demands.

But with the right FSM software in place, every task can be sent to the technician’s mobile device, including the fastest route to the site, tools required, customer’s service history, past service reports, and similar information (description, address, photos) to deliver the best customer experience.

The software eliminates paper-based tasks, streamline business processes, and thus improves productivity.

Keep things running

The software will provide you a real-time update on where your technicians are, what task they are performing, and how soon they can respond to another job. This will help managers to dispatch field workers on a timely basis, keep the business running smoothly, and ensure its success in the long run.

Solve scheduling problems

FSM software analyzes the data and helps technicians know what services need to be performed along with the best route for them to get to the location. This has a direct impact on their productivity and helps decrease the time spent en route. It can also assist in identifying which technicians are taking longer than expected to finish the task at a certain place so that proper training can be implemented to increase their performance efficiency.

Increased customer satisfaction

The software helps field service technicians understand details regarding the tasks they have to accomplish. It makes it easy for them to identify problems and reduce repeated service calls. This way, better solutions can be implemented to reduce the excess need for personnel to further achieve a high level of customer satisfaction.

Closing Note

By creating a connected and measurable ecosystem, a field service management industry can transform how field tasks are performed. With increased efficiency, better productivity can be achieved, resulting in better customer satisfaction and ensuring the growth and success of the business in the long run.

We hope that the blog has provided you with a vivid picture of how field forces can be tracked remotely. If you have any questions or queries, do let us know in the comments.

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