How Is the Government Leveraging Online Assessment Technologies

How Is the Government Leveraging Online Assessment Technologies

Online assessment technologies are becoming increasingly popular in government organizations. Perhaps the most obvious reason could be that the public sector online assessments save time and money. They are also more accurate and reliable than traditional paper-based tests. 

Here are some more reasons why government organizations are using online assessment technologies for a variety of purposes: 

Federal and State-Level School Exams 

Almost every student in Australia between six and sixteen must sit for a national or state-level school exam. You have recently witnessed a rising trend towards using computer-based assessments instead of traditional pencil-and-paper exams. They are more accurate than their paper-based counterparts, making students less likely to suffer from grade inflation. In addition, the online assessments offer faster marking turnaround times, engaging test experiences, a secure testing environment, and deeper insights.

Migration Skills-Assessment Testing 

The DIAC is currently looking into digital assessment technologies to test the language and skills levels of migrants applying for Australian visas. This automated test would be beneficial for individuals using it from overseas. Australian citizens and permanent residents must take an English language proficiency test when applying for citizenship. The test is currently designed to be taken in person, but changes could be on the way because of digital assessment technologies’ growing popularity. 

ICT Literacy Testing 

Australia’s ACARA has been testing students’ ability to use digital technology for several years. Their ICT Literacy test is currently administered to Year 9 students. The online assessments include sections that measure the respondent’s digital skills and their ability to solve problems using ICT tools (e.g., word processors). 

Pre-Employment Testing 

Some of Australia’s biggest employers are now using online assessment technologies to test the skills of potential employees. The tests can be used to measure a range of abilities, including literacy, numeracy, ICT skills, and problem-solving skills. The pre-employment assessments are typically administered as part of the recruitment process. They are also becoming increasingly popular in Europe and North America. 

Driver Licence Testing 

Australia’s state and territory governments are responsible for issuing driver licenses. In most cases, these licenses can be renewed online. Mid 2019, The NSW Government adopted online testing technology to deliver driving licence tests to the public. The use of technology helped improve the test takers’ experience as well as provide the government with a scalable solution to meet rising volumes for years to come.


The government organizations like the Institute for Teaching and School Leadership (AITSL) conduct a series of tests as part of the process required to become a qualified teacher or school leader. In some cases, the assessments can be taken online instead of requiring an in-person visit to an assessment centre. 

Mandatory Industry Testing 

The Australian government is also using online assessment technologies for mandatory industry testing. This type of testing would measure the skills and knowledge of workers in specific sectors, such as healthcare and engineering. 

Undoubtedly, online assessment technologies are becoming an increasingly important part of the public sector. They offer several advantages over the traditional paper-based tests. Accuracy, efficiency, and cost savings are some of the most important factors for choosing online assessments.

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