How to Choose a Smartphone From So Many Models?

How to Choose a Smartphone From So Many Models?

Cellular phone technology has evolved a lot over the years, bringing in newer products with more features for users. An uninformed customer may get confused when selecting a suitable mobile phone from a variety of available choices. It is essential to focus on your needs to choose the right cellular phone of your choice.

Also, it is important to note that mobile phones with advanced features come with a high price tag. However, with many financing choices, it is now easier to buy different products and services through EMIs.

With financial worries sorted, check the criteria for selecting the right cell phone! 

Criteria to Select the Best Mobile: 

  • Need A mobile phone comes in two different types.
  • Messaging phone – It is a basic phone which has two primary features: messaging and making calls. If all you have to do is send/receive messages and make calls, a basic messaging phone would be your perfect choice.
  • Smartphone – Smartphones come with advanced features and technologies besides the primary features. These can be making video calls, accessing social media platforms, playing advanced games and so on. You can buy a smartphone if you need these advanced features.
  • Features – Smartphones come with a range of features that can be confusing when making a choice.
  • Design – The choice of design is subjective. You can go for a metallic or glass body if aesthetics is your concern. Shape and size are also two important considerations when selecting a phone. Some cellular devices like the latest One Plus 6 in the One Plus series have an excellent and sleek design, while many have a bulky exterior.
  • RAM and Processor – Makers upgrade processors of smartphones continuously for increasing speed. Also, with recent launches, many smartphones come with up to 6GB RAM and expanding memory storage capabilities. It speeds up navigation. This feature is important in a smartphone for maximum performance.
  • Storage – If you need good storage space for bigger files like movies or videos, you need proper internal storage on your cell phone. Phones with internal storage up-to 64GB are also available which require no added external space for storing. However, phones with an expandable memory of up to 400GB are also available.
  • Operating System (OS) – Mobile phones come with different OS. The common OS types worth considering are iOS, Windows and Android. IOS is specific to products of Apple Inc., but different manufacturers sell phones with Windows and Android OS. An Android phone is the most popular because this operating system can support a vast range of applications.
  • Battery – A phone with a battery capacity of 4000-5000mAh is considered to have strong battery backup. You can also choose a battery capacity of 2500 – 3000mAh. If you travel quite often or work mostly outside, you must have a smartphone with decent battery backup.
  • Screen Size – People who use their mobile phones mainly for clicking pictures and watching videos/movies should opt for a big screen size device.
  • Camera – If your passion is photography, avoid choosing a phone having a camera with low megapixels. Rather, select something above 8MP.
  • Model’s reputation and reviews -When you have shortlisted a few phones with your preferred features choice, check their customer reviews. It will give a fair idea of the phone’s reputation and reliability.
  • Price – Check if the device comes within your budget. A cell phone having the latest and advanced features comes with ridiculously high price tags. Most of the people depends on the smartphones under 10000 That is so affordable and comes with decent features in this price range. You can easily finance such expensive products using your EMI. Compare the prices of shortlisted phones with similar features and select the most economical option.

Although there are many options available to choose from, buying the best phone is quite easy now. Check your preferred features and Purchase the product.

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