How to Design a Point of Sale Display That Converts

How to Design a Point of Sale Display That Converts

Throughout the past 18-months, a boom has taken place in the number of online sales and transactions that we see every single day, with the total number of online sales reaching a record high of 35% of all UK based transactions in January 2021 alone. However, despite this, the in-store purchase market still remains to be the dominant area of the market, and with this in mind, it is still key to focus on in-store advertising and driving up the level of conversion rates in-store. One notable way to do this is to focus on point of sale displays in-store, also referred to as POS displays. Read on to find out the 5 key ways in which you can create point of sale displays that really convert. 

So, what are point of sale displays

Unplanned purchases make up an estimated 70% of all in-store purchases, which is why an impressive point of sale display is a fantastic way to boost your sales and revenue. To understand what point of sale advertising is, it’s perhaps best to give you a quick example. Say for instance you’re standing in a supermarket looking at their range of cereal. You’ve gone in for your favourite brand of wheat flakes, however, when you’re browsing the shelves, you notice a large promotional label on a brand you’ve never tried before. Here, you might find yourself swaying between whether you should stick with the brand you’ve known and favoured for years, or if you should stray into the unknown and purchase a new brand that you’ve never had a chance to try before. 

When you make that decision to purchase the brand you’ve never tried before, perhaps stocking up on a few boxes due to the great value of the deal, you’ve strayed into the territory of point of sale advertising. This shiny promotional label has drawn your attention to try an unplanned purchase that you didn’t initially go into the store for and pushed you into popping this in your basket. 

So, put simply, point of sale advertising refers to the countless number of in-store promotions and marketing activities you will see throughout your favourite supermarket on a daily basis. They are designed to increase the number of purchases at the actual point of sale, such as when you lift those exciting new boxes of cereal down from the shelf. To find out more about how to design great point of sale displays that drive conversions, read on. 

Shout about the features and benefits of your products

One of the key fundamentals of creating any point of sale displays that converts is to clearly showcase the features and benefits of the product or service that is on promotion. Here, you need to clearly shout about the things the customer will get out of the purchase, and why they should sway towards this product over another that they may have had more contact with. 

Plus, alongside a well-placed call to action, such as those enticing “Special Offer” shoutouts, this is bound to tip a swaying customer into purchasing this promotional product. 

Location, location, location

As you might have guessed, point of sale is often located at the point of sale in the store; dispersed throughout the store real-estate with promotional messaging enticing customers to purchase. This is why it is so important to tailor your point of sale messaging to the space you have available to you, so as to not overwhelm or crowd the customer. 

By opting for a display that both entices the customer whilst also giving them plenty of room to move freely, you will be able to benefit from increased sales that bump up your average purchase value. 

Attract the customers interest

By nature, point of sale is designed to grab the shoppers attention as they pass the item on the shelf. This means that point of sale needs to be eye-catching and interesting enough to attract the customer’s attention – stopping them in their tracks to go in for a closer look. 

One surefire way to do this is to opt for bright and bold colours, with imaginative designs that instantly draw in the customers’ attention. 

You could even go further than that by making your point of sale displays interactive. Some retailers choose to do this by adding URLs and QR codes to point of sale displays to draw the customers’ attention to the display and drive them to a page where they can learn more about the product, its feature and benefits. 

Consider who your customer is

One of the most important things to think about when creating a point of sale display is who your customer actually is by nature, and what exactly they want to see in store. Consider your best-selling items and the convenience items your customers seemingly cannot do without and use point of sale displays to drive convenience, impulse purchases on these. 

Most retailers also run impulse led point of sale campaigns around seasonal events, such as offers on chocolate bunnies at Easter, or boxes of chocolates for Mother’s Day. Consider the types of products that your customers purchase, when they purchase them and why to create a point of sale campaign that converts. 

Think strategically

We’ve all accidentally over-ordered an item from time to time. Perhaps it’s Christmas Puddings at our favourite festive time of year. You’ve ordered thousands but they don’t seem to be flying off the shelves like they normally would. Instead, this year, shoppers seem to be swaying towards Christmas Cake instead.

Here, point of sale advertising can help you to highlight these products that you’ve accidentally over-ordered to drive sales of these products with exclusive promotions. 

Create point of sale displays that convert

Now that you know the 5 key fundamentals of point of sale advertising and to use these in order to boost your in-store sales, it’s vitally important that you find the right point of sale printers to work alongside you and turn your creative vision into reality. With approximately 70% of all purchases being unplanned, you can take advantage of this to boost your revenue and average purchase value dramatically through the use of point of sale displays. All you need now is the creative ideas to bring it into fruition! 

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