Types of Data Labeling and Image Annotation Services for AI & ML

Types of Data Labeling and Image Annotation Services for AI & ML

AI and machine learning-based models can be easily trained with the supervised learning process that involves a labeled image making the various types of objects recognizable. Data labeling or image annotation creates AI and machine learning training data for algorithms to build the right model for real-life use.

And data or image annotation is done for different fields working on such models and looking for quality training data that can train the algorithm for the right predictions. And as per the industry and prototype training data is created for ML engineers.

Hence, here we will discuss what are the types of data annotations used in different industries for AI and ML model training. Cogito is providing data labeling and image annotation service for wide-ranging industries as per the needs.

Image Annotation


The data annotation for AI and ML contains the text, video and image annotation that makes the data recognizable to machines through computer vision.

Text Annotation

In-text annotation, the sentences are labeled with metadata to make the keywords and important phases readable to NLP algorithms that help machines to understand the communication process between humans.

Video Annotation

In Video annotation, the objects are annotated with a bounding box or cuboid annotation making the object of interest visible to machines. The moving objects are annotated with the right annotation technique use in such data labeling.

Image Annotation

Finally, Image annotation is the most important training data used in making all types of objects recognizable to AI-based perception models like self-driving cars, etc. In image annotation, different types of technologies are used to annotate the objects.

The bounding box, 2D or 3D cuboid, polylines, semantic segmentation, polygons and landmark annotations are the leading techniques used to make the objects recognizable to machines through the right ML algorithms that develop such models. if you are looking for reverse photo lookup, this tool will help you.

Medical Image Annotation

Healthcare is one of the most vital sector getting the advantage of technological development in AI and Machine Learning fields. Medical image annotation and imagining analysis are done through AI-enabled applications in this field to recognize the patterns and predict the possible diseases.

medical image annotation

The medical imaging data is created here for radiology to annotate the diseases using the right technique helping the machines learn the similar patterns that they use to analyze for the right prediction when such models used in real life.

X-ray, MRI, CT Scan, Ultrasound, and other radiology images are annotated precisely here at Cogito to help AI and ML developers create a model that can work without the help of doctors helping them to diagnosis the diseases quickly for faster decision.

Live Annotation Services

This is a simple annotation service to annotate the images for projects that need training data immediately for quick processing in algorithm training. It is a time-sensitive service that provides real-time data labeling to ensure the instant supply of data sets.

Cogito is providing the live annotation service for images, texts, and videos with the best level of accuracy for different field models. It is working with a turnaround time to deliver the annotated images with real-time service as per the customized needs.

NLP Annotation Services

Natural language processing helps machines understand the human language and help them in solving queries through virtual assistant and chatbot applications. And NLP annotation helps to highlight the keywords with metadata making the entire sentence understandable to machines through NLP algorithms.

This is one of the best techniques for speech recognition to improve the performance at the sentence level. NLP annotation also helps for sentiment analysis and helps machines interpret the communication of humans in multiple languages. Cogito is providing the natural language processing annotation with the best level of accuracy at a low cost.

ADAS Annotation for Traffic Detection

ADAS Annotation Service

ADAS or Advanced driver assistance system is like semi-autonomous cars, that helps drivers in automatic parking, forward collision and driver health monitoring. And ADAS annotation is the process of labeling the objects to train the ADAS models that can detect such objects and inform the system for quick action.

Cogito is providing the ADAS annotation service for object detection, traffic detection, driver monitoring, and facial visual analysis with semantic segmentation and other modes of annotation with a precise level of accuracy. Just like self-driving cars multiple types of annotations are used to create training data for ADAS models.

Cogito is one of the best well-known image annotation companies providing a high-quality image annotation solution for diverse industries like retail, healthcare, agriculture, automobiles, robotics, and autonomous machines. It is an expert in data labeling using the most advanced tools and techniques for precise object detection for computer vision used in AI and ML-based model training.

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