Increasing Use of Technology in Learning

Increasing Use of Technology in Learning

Right from school management software to learning management systems, the education industry has become more technology-equipped than ever. With the advancements in technology, the world of learning is changing as well. Making learning more enticing than olden times, here is how technology is impacting the world of education.

Technology has changed the world of education in all the right ways. There was a time when there was no school management software and all the work had to be done with pen and paper. Now, it takes just a single click to manage the day-to-day tedious administrative tasks of the entire school. Just like the way school management software have made school administration and management easier than ever, educational technology has changed the scenario of learning.  Here’s how technology is impacting the world of learning and helping students become better learners.

Modern Educational Technology to boost learning

From virtual reality to artificial intelligence and robotics, below are the popular educational technologies.

  • Augmented Reality: Augmented Reality is one of the most popular present-day technologies. Already a hit in the world of gaming and entertainment, AR is being used in the education realm as well. The technology adds digital elements to the real view converting 2D images into 3D interactive models, thus making learning more interactive and engaging.
  • Virtual Reality: Another ground-breaking technology of today, virtual reality transfers you to a virtual world, shutting you off from reality. VR has the power to make learning more engaging by providing a distraction-free environment and grasping the attention of the learner in a highly stimulating 3D world.
  • Online Learning: Affordability of the internet and increasing penetration of mobile devices have made online learning a huge success. No matter which part of the world you are in, you can get access to online lectures and understand any topic you want. While online videos are the most popular means of online learning, technologies such as virtual reality are also gaining momentum in the world of distance learning.
  • Artificial Intelligence: Artificial Intelligence is one of the most powerful forms of technology in the contemporary world. AI is already being utilised in school management software helping schools organise and manage cumbersome administrative tasks and bridging the communication gap between the teachers and parents. Because of its various applications and benefits, AI is all set to transform the world of learning as well. Just like the way popular streaming services such as Netflix, provide personalised recommendations to users, with the integration of AI in learning, teachers can offer custom learning to every student. Not to mention, AI can also produce smart content such as video lectures, and conferences that can make learning more interesting.
  • Data Science and Data Analytics: In the modern world, education is aimed at providing more personalised and targeted learning, and customised support. Data science and data analytics have the power to make the management of large volumes of data easier and thus help in making informed decisions. This technology would help educators get trained and find potential solutions to their problems. Also, data science would provide adaptive learning experiences to the learners and help parents stay updated with the performance and progress of their children.

The Many Benefits of Technology in Learning

Technology not only makes learning more interactive, interesting and fun but also helps in boosting the confidence of students and improving their memories. Below are some of the most outstanding benefits of technology in learning.

  • Makes Learning More Engaging: The modern human attention span wants digital stimulation. Children these days are so fond of technology, they get quickly engaged when some form of technology is used in teaching. In an era where gadgets and gizmos are omnipresent, there are plenty of ways technology can be incorporated in the process of learning. Various researches have already proved that education technology can make the process of learning more collaborative and interactive. This is because students learn things not by reading or rote learning, but by actually doing it. Technology makes it easier for them to engage with the course material in a better way.
  • Opens avenues for Special-Needs Students: Special-needs students find it difficult to learn with the traditional methods of teaching. Educational technology helps in making learning a lot simpler for these students by providing them with additional support. Assistive technology help students with learning or physical disabilities to be actively involved in classes and understand the subject matter in a better way. Some of the most popular examples of assistive technology are screen-reading tools, talking calculators, electronic worksheets, speech recognition, etc.
  • Better Communication: Be it any activity, communication forms a crucial part. With the increasing use of technology, the communication gaps among learners have been seen to have bridged. Technology has the power to generate a sense of community that helps learners to work in a collaborative manner. In addition, student interaction increases that help them clear their concerns related to various subject matters.
  • Makes Students ready for the Future: It is impossible to imagine a world without technology; hence it becomes essential to make students versed with the same. Also, when used in classrooms, it helps students understand and learn how to use technology in a more responsible way rather than using it only for leisure and entertainment. Various technologies such as Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and Artificial Intelligence also help in instilling 21st-century skills among the students making them more creative, collaborative, productive, and good at critical thinking.

Be it artificially intelligent school management software or learning management system equipped with Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality, technology has revolutionised the world of education. Whilst the modern student has become more familiar with technology than ever, it becomes imperative to adopt newer techniques of learning powered with present-day technologies. When used responsibly and in the right way, technology can make learning more worthwhile and effective.

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