Innovative Technology – Your Invisible Guide

Innovative Technology – Your Invisible Guide

All of us have sometime or the other found ourselves in the need for directions at some unknown place. An innovative technology such as Google map is always there.This means that you stare into a phone screen and not the journey. Let us introduce you to a navigation technology that hides from your view and speaks to your feet. So that your feet carry you around, and your eyes enjoy the journey.

The Indian company Ducere Technologies has brought this hands free eyes free navigation technology to the world of travel gadgets. Lechal is their claim to success. A simple yet sophisticated pair of pods that go into your shoes and vibrate to give you direction.

Lechal is available in two forms. One is apair of shoes and the other is a pair of insoles that can be put into a pair of shoes of your choice. Lechal connects to its appthrough Bluetooth and relaysa haptic feedback to prompt the user. The app uses GPS and Google maps to help the user navigate. This invisible wearable technology makes use of lithium-polymer batteries that among the new gadgets is the only one capable of up to 15 days of heavy-duty use on a single charge.

Besides helping the user get to the destination, Lechal is highly capable among the league of high-end cool gadgets. For instance, Lechal can double up as a fitness tracker and map marker. With the tagging feature, Lechal allows the user to tag any place by simply tapping the ground once. Once tagged, this place will became a place of interest for the app, and the app will prompt the user every time the user goes by a place of interest. The only time the phone screen comes into action is when the user sets direction or checks out a place of interest. The settings allow even this basic function to be set to the user voice command, making this navigation gadget invisible to everything around it. Besides, the app allows the Lechal wearer to connect with other Lechal wearers and synchronize there location in real time.

Lechal Features:

  • Enjoy Lechal pod insoles or lace up the buckle in the shoelace, making it one of the best navigation gadgets for men and women.
  • Navigate hands-free without having to look at your phone screen.
  • Read route guides in detail through a variety of vibration patterns.
  • Track your state of fitness based on steps taken, calories burnt, and distance travelled.
  • Enjoy Lechal pod insoles or lace up the buckle in the shoelace.
  • Enjoy up to 15 days on a single charge.
  • Soft-soled leather and easy-care microfiber based insoles.
  • Use the app that serves as the fitness tracker as well.
  • Enjoy precise route guidance.
  • What else, Bluetooth connectivity allows your shoes to let you know if you are at the risk of losing your phone.

Works offline anytime, anywhere in the world.

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