Instagram Live – The Complete Guide to Going Live

Instagram Live – The Complete Guide to Going Live

Ever since we stepped into the era of digitalization, social media has its influence over the internet industry. All the social media platforms started offering live streaming services in recent years, as it is the only medium that is boosting the digital presence for brands. A recent survey reports that a majority of people tend to watch and enjoy live videos more when compared to any other graphics or blog content.

Live videos engage audiences for longer time duration and give them insight into the brand’s journey. It has been observed that the audiences connect more with the authentic content more than the scripted camera actions. Live streaming has been helping various brands to leverage and boost their sales by expanding its pan presence around the globe. Various social media platforms are battling to offer top live streaming solutions along with interactive features, to stay ahead in the digital race. These listings make sure that live streaming is the future of social media and is here to stay.

Instagram started its stories and then later introduced Instagram live to its play, thereby walking with the current trend of digitalization. Live streaming on Instagram became popular in no time and is one of the most powerful marketing tools for digital marketers.

How broadcast live on Instagram live is beneficial?

Live streaming on Instagram has helped many brands and digital marketers and influencers to gain popularity and expand its presence worldwide. Instagram has been a favorite social media app for gen-next, brands that target gen z can easily reach its potential audience by live streaming on Instagram.

Walking on the footsteps of Facebook live and periscope, Instagram live allows you to expand your pan presence and boost sales.

When a brand opts to live webcasts on Instagram, it boosts real-time interactions between brands and their target customers, resulting in a customer-brand relationship. Live streaming helps in attracting new followers which were not part of the brand family earlier. Live broadcast on Instagram allows brands to build awareness and impart its message quite easily around the globe. It helps in engaging the audience in a fun and interactive way out. A brand can know its audience in a better way with live webcasts by considering their feedback. It will make customers valued and later results in brand loyalty. Live streaming on Instagram allow brands to webcast brand events, behind the scene authentic content, host interactive sessions like Q & A, live chats, polls, quizzes to engage audiences around the world. It helps the brand to launch a new product and reach millions with a single click or demonstrate the use of the product to make your target audience aware, live streaming has many benefits that can leverage any brand.

But now the question arises, how to start live webcast on Instagram? How your followers will know when you are streaming live on Instagram? How to invite other users to join your broadcast and make them aware of the same? How to promote your live webcast to get many views and clicks? Let’s have a look at the ultimate guide for going live on Instagram.

How to know when your favorite brand is streaming live on Instagram?

You must have often come across stories highlighted with red when you scroll your Instagram feeds.

If you see “live” written at the bottom of them, then the account you are following is streaming live. The live broadcast on Instagram stays for a timeline for 24 hours after the event gets over, allowing customers to view the missed webcasts. If your notifications are enabled you will receive a push notification with a message about your favorite brand or page that will stream live.

You can add hearts or comments in appreciation if you like the video content when you watch a live broadcast on Instagram. Your comments are viewable to people who tune in to watch the live webcast.

How to start live webcast on Instagram?

Starting a live webcast on Instagram is super quick and easy. Follow the tips to stream live on Instagram.

  1. Firstly, tap on the story profile pic from where you make Insta stories. You can even opt to tap on the camera icon on the top of the Instagram screen display.
  2. You would be given various options to choose from suiting your brand requirement. Starting from normal photo & video option to boomerang and GIFS.
  3. Choose the “live” option if you like to stream live on Instagram.
  4. Before choosing to go live on Instagram by clicking on “start live video” set your Instagram story settings.
  5. Check whether you want everyone or only your followers or a specific set of people to view your live broadcast on Instagram.
  6. Click done once you are done with your settings.
  7. Check the internet bandwidth before going live as live stream holds a large number of audiences from around the world.
  8. Live broadcast on Instagram is limited for a timeline of 1 hour, unlike periscope which doesn’t have a specified time limit.

How to manage live webcast on Instagram

Live broadcast services on Instagram are helping many brands and businesses to grow furthermore. But managing the same is a quite tricky task if you don’t follow the right approach. Once you start streaming live your followers will receive a notification stating that the brand has started a live video, watch it before it ends.  A live badge is displayed over the Instagram profile pic making it evident and to catch audience sight when they scroll the feeds. Instagram live stream allows viewers to add hearts and leave a comment, you can pin the most appropriate and valuable comment at the top and can restrict and report inappropriate comments. You can interact with your audience during the Instagram live stream through comments and answer the unique and appropriate questions, which will make the audience, feel valued.

Not everyone joins since the beginning of the live stream, keep in mind to keep repeating the topic of your live broadcast at short intervals, to make the newly joined audience aware about the purpose of the live webcast. Just be yourself and let people know your brand in a better way.

Once you end your live broadcast on Instagram, allow it to get saved in the camera roll or share it on your Instagram story. It helps in attracting more audiences who missed the live webcast.

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