Three Big Ways iOS App Development Will Change In The Next 5 Years

Three Big Ways iOS App Development Will Change In The Next 5 Years

It is, by any measure, an undisputed fact that Apple and its products hold powerful sway over the mobile development market. Those products typically operate on the company’s software which is called iOS, and there is widespread acceptance the market for iOS applications since they are growing at an exponential rate as more people seek to capitalize on the popularity of aforementioned devices.

There has also been a rise in hiring of iOS app development services. Hence, we decided to write on the expected changes that will occur in iOS application development methodologies and just how different the landscape would be in 5 years. Following are the three significant ways we can predict how the changes will occur.

Applications will be more efficient and capable

One of the common concerns present in the iOS market is the restrictions imposed on developers in terms of hardware capability and software. This is generally due to the mobile nature of the devices that operate the iOS software while some raise questions about the computing languages on offer to developers that are working on applications. However, in a matter of a few years, we can expect massive changes that may alter perceptions about just what is possible through the use of such applications.


One of the developments that will precipitate this change is the use of an upgraded computing language which will be termed as an advanced version of Swift 5. Swift is the name given to the language that is used to make applications work on iOS software. So just how significant an upgrade will this newer version of Swift be? From initial appearances, it would appear to be quite substantial. It is designed to be more user-friendly, more scalable, and more versatile and would be easily used by most individuals or organizations. iOS App Development Services may also find this news appealing since it offers them the ability to make quality applications while reducing the problems that arose during the use of Swift 4.

Another factor that played into this is the upgrade in the potential of the hardware. In the next five years, mobile power will reach its apex and will allow most developers to squeeze more and more performance out of the software. This added performance will make it easier for individuals to not only build efficient applications but will force a much-needed change in the ability of developers to create a diverse array of applications. iOS App Development Services can then be hired to make almost any type of application, and the process of converting your idea into an application will be completed swiftly.


A Shift towards Tighter Security and Cloud-Based Software

In the past, there have been incidents when the security of applications and the software on which they operate has been questioned. Now in a time when events like the Facebook Data Scandal and the hacking of major organizations have occurred, users are demanding far higher standards of security. Also, with more and more data being stored online in servers, security is not only a measure that is essential to the working of the software, but it can also be the difference between staying on top of the market or at the bottom of it.

In this environment, iOS software and applications will be forced to undergo massive changes in the way they approach security, especially for applications that delve into the commercial realm. iOS App Development Services will be ranked on the protection offered by their applications, and developers will also be liable to roll out periodic or regular security updates. What we will see is more and more marketing based on user protection and more and more user feedback being taken into account by iOS App Development Services.

Another factor that will be seen is the storage of data online. Nearly all significant applications offer online storage and Apple also has official cloud software titled iCloud, and this trend will be seen to continue shortly where the presence of data on physical hard drives will be discouraged whereas cloud software will rule. iOS App Development Services will be tasked with creating such cloud software, and they will come in the next five years in the market as one of their best skills. Data will be more secure and more accessible in the future for iOS applications.

Applications will offer more VR and AR support

Usually, all discourse surrounding the development of advanced technology will turn to virtual and augmented reality at some point in time. This is also the case with iOS application development where developers and app builders are being encouraged to experiment with the technology, and we can reasonably assume this trend to continue in the next half-decade or so.

Many applications are now developed to offer support with virtual reality tech such as the Oculus Rift whereas there is also a growing tendency to expand this technology to existing software to enhance the user experience. iOS App development services will be expected by most to offer this service and the ability to make compatible VR technology will define most teams and their efforts.

Augmented reality is also another avenue which must be analyzed as it is expected to grow shortly. This is seen as especially pertinent in the development of applications that are meant to be sources of entertainment as it can drastically increase their effectiveness. Examples include movie applications or video game application. With ever-growing hardware potential, iOS App Development Services will be able to offer unique augmented reality experiences, and then they will also be able to incorporate more and more of the needs of users in their software, enabling the development of a truly personalized experience.

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