Is Natifi the Perfect NoCode Platform for App Development?
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Is Natifi the Perfect NoCode Platform for App Development?

Is Natifi the Perfect NoCode Platform for App Development?

No Code platforms have been gaining prominence among various businesses including large scale enterprises when it comes to building a mobile application. For many years, enterprises were stuck with paper-based forms, registers or records to collect or manage data.

This hindered the productivity of employees & hurt the operational efficiency of organizations. So, these companies turned to digitization. While that was a good move, digitizing data collection & management was still a daunting task.

Building mobile apps for enterprises is not an easy feat! But No-Code App Development Platforms shattered this notion. How?

By offering exciting features like the Drag & Drop Builder, Unlimited Editing, Real-Time Preview & more. Natifi is also an amazing No Code platform that features these amazing features & more which can accelerate your enterprise’s app development & deployment times. But, is Natifi the Best No Code Platforms among others? Read on to find out!

1. Building Enterprise-Grade Apps in Natifi is Very Easy

Natifi offers an amazing feature called the Drag & Drop Builder that does most of the heavy lifting when it comes to building a mobile application for your enterprise.

So, after you go through the initial process of naming your app & enabling/disabling the login/signup feature, you are greeted by an intuitive mobile form builder

All you need to do is drag & drop various widgets like Text Box, Image/Video Picker, Signature, Date/Time Picker & other features to quickly build an easy-to-use enterprise mobile application.

No Coding or Running Behind App Developers to get your app up & running. Do it Yourself & save the time & costs that are usually more in traditional app development processes as compared to No Code Platforms.

2. Natifi Offers Real-Time Preview via QR Code & Web Form

Previewing mobile apps in Natifi is as easy as taking a walk in the park. Simply head over to the App Preview section &choose either QR code or Web Form.

QR Code — In this process, you need to download the proprietary mobile app of Natifi to scan the QR code. After scanning the QR code you can start previewing your mobile application.

Web Form — Natifi lets you preview your mobile application with the help of a Web form on your desktop or laptop.

3. Natifi features an in-built Data Analysis Feature

Natifi helps you to carryout seamless data analysis of all the data collected by your employees from various locations.

Once they enter the data, all you need to do is go to the Data Manage section & click on Data Analysis. The data will be analysed according to the responses and you can also filter the responses as per graph views i.e., pie chart, line graph or bar graph.

4. Managing Users & Data is as Easy as Ordering a Pizza!

If your enterprise has a ton of employees that enter data from various locations then you need to be able to manage all those users & the data they collect.

Natifi offers an intuitive User/Data Management feature where you can check the data entered by a particular user. You can also check the details of the user i.e., their name, contact details & more.

5. Leverage Integrations to Make your Mobile App Versatile

Natifi offers a gamut of integrations like Google Drive, SQL, Microsoft Office, Spreadsheets & more. Apart from these, you can also use the REST API to seamlessly integrate all of your existing business systems with your mobile application.

So, if your enterprise intends to build & deploy mobile applications across various locations in a short period then Natifi is Best No Code App builder! In addition to that, you can also publish these mobile apps of Apple App Store or Google Play Store if your enterprise wants to get an app live for most of your employees. Natifi also offers white-labelling opportunities if enterprises are interested in that.

So, all in all, Natifi promises to be an exciting mobile app builder for any enterprise that wants to tread the path of digitization when it comes to data collection, data management & automated workflows.

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