How to Keep Track of Your Stuff with Bluetooth Trackers

How to Keep Track of Your Stuff with Bluetooth Trackers

Frequently misplacing items like keys, wallet, and smartphone and then panicking to locate them can be quite a hassle and frustrating. If this sounds like you, then you need a Bluetooth tracker.

Bluetooth trackers can save a lot of time and worries. Running around the house trying to find keys, wallets, and smartphones can consume a lot of time especially if you are already running late. Even if you have pets, children, or elderly members in your family who run the risk of getting lost you can benefit a lot from Bluetooth trackers. Even though Bluetooth has a limited coverage range, many tracking devices are coming with Crowd GPS technology that creates a whole network of the people who use the tracking devices of the same brand. You get a network of people to “ask around” for your misplaced stuff.

Not to mention the risk of theft. You kept your laptop bag on the counter of a restaurant and went to the restroom, and upon returning you cannot find it. What are the options lefts now? You can either ask around or go to the police station only to find that they have more important and busy things to attend to. Well, if you have a Bluetooth tracker you can just track the bag from your phone and if it is beyond the Bluetooth signal then you can locate it through the information collected on the central server by the other users of the same tracker brand.

The benefits of a Bluetooth tracker are numerous. Not only does it help you to keep your peace of mind but also saves a lot of time and effort that goes into searching for e misplaced or stolen stuff. But before you jump into the rundown of the best Bluetooth tracker for your stuff, let’s take a look at how these devices work.

How do Bluetooth trackers work?

The Bluetooth trackers come with a chip and an antenna that are the basic components and brain of the whole system. These trackers emit an RF (radio frequency) that your smartphones or tablets can read. You have to simply attach these trackers to the items you want like keys, wallets, smartphones, bags, bicycles, etc.

All the trackers have a unique ID that helps you locate the particular item. The alarm system can vary depending from a simple chirp when you want to locate your stuff to a full alarm when you are too far away from the item.

The trackers that come with a crowd GPS technology create a shared network of all the people who use the trackers of the same brand. If you lose your item beyond the reach of the Bluetooth signal then you can just see the last location of the item picked up by the other members on the network.

The location and ID of your lost item keep updating on the central server as detected by the other members on the network. The downside though is that this will only work when you buy a tracker that is popular in your geographical area. The wider the network is the greater the efficiency.

One of the popular brands with Crowd GPS tracking is XY Find IT. Besides having a large network range, it also has exceptionally good battery life. The battery lasts for about 5 years before you have to replace it. It also offers a great Bluetooth range ranging from 100 feet to 300 feet depending on the model. Read more here XY Find It review. Well let’s dive into main topic.

Begin tracking

Now that you have all the information on what a Bluetooth tracker is and how does it work, let’s get into the nitty-gritty of how you can track your stuff with a Bluetooth tracker-

  • Buy a Bluetooth tracker that has a sleek model and comes with Crowd GPS (for wider coverage)
  • Attach it to the device you want to keep a track of. It can be anything- your keys, wallet, bicycle, boxes, bags, laptop, smartphone, etc.
  • Download the app of the brand network
  • Set the various settings including the alarm sound, notifications, etc.
  • Connect the device to the app
  • Using Bluetooth connect your smartphone with the tracker
  • Now that the pairing is done, you can keep track of your device or item to which the tracker is attached


Overall, Bluetooth trackers are a great way to keep track of your items and save yourself the efforts and time that go into finding the misplaced items. You can even use it to keep track of your kids and pets and not worry about them wandering away.

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