Keep Your Kids Safe with these Electrical tips from an Electrician in Port Melbourne

Keep Your Kids Safe with these Electrical tips from an Electrician in Port Melbourne

Any professional electrician in Port Melbourne will tell you the importance of electrical safety for young children. If you have a young family chances are you are highly protective of your children. The thought of anything happening to them will most likely put you into a panic, so it’s important to baby proof your home against any electrical problems as soon as possible. Below, we have outlined some important steps you can take to ensure your home is safe for your young children. Remember being alert and proactive are the best way to keep your children safe.


The fun thing about toddlers is they are highly inquisitive and are excited to learn more about the world. They are highly active and love to explore. The down side of this beautiful nature is your home can have some electrical hazards you don’t want to expose your child to. The best thing to do is to baby proof your home, so you can breath a sigh of relief when your little bundle of job is crawling around having fun. The first step of baby proofing against electrical hazards is getting down onto their level. Down on the ground you’ll notice a lot of areas that need attention you wouldn’t have noticed on your feet. An important area to check is near your television. Normally there can be overloaded power boards and lots of wires piled up. Be sure to organize these areas properly and keep them out of reach as much as you can. If there are any damaged power boards or leads dispose of these correctly. Another important thing to do is to cover electrical outlets with plastic coverings. This will prevent your little one poking their fingers or an other small devices into the electrical outlet.

Electrical appliances

These days are kitchens are full of different appliances for different reasons. Whether it’s a bread machine, blender or toaster, usually our kitchen bench tops are bursting with these helpful devices. While these appliances are usually well out of reach from your toddler it’s very important to execute care and caution. Kids are very impressionable at this age, which is why you should lead by example with electrical safety. For example, if your piece of toast is stuck in the toaster don’t attempt to fish it out with a knife. As we’ve all been taught from a young age, metal and electrical appliances do not mix. Instead, unplug the toaster and get it out safely. If your toddler is in the room explain the process, so they will know from a young age.

Other important things to watch up for with appliances are the hanging cords. These types of things can be really tempting for your toddler to pull on. Therefore, keep them out of reach. Also be cautious when cooking on stovetops, as you don’t want to spill or burn your toddler in any way.

It’s also important not to cut corners. While it may be your favourite rice maker that you’ve had for ten years, if the electrical cord is frayed, do not attempt to patch it up. Always dispose of a broken appliance and buy a brand new one.

Outdoor safety

You may not think it but outdoors also has several electrical hazards that you need to look out for. While you may be more focused on more obvious trouble areas like scrapping knees and bumping heads, there are actual electrical ones to. The ever-vigilant parent should teach their kids not to try and climb on power poles or transmission tower.

For more tips about how to keep your young children safe against electrical hazards, talk to a professional electrician in Port Melbourne from Electricians on Call. Alternatively, you can visit their website to find out more info.

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